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Hello! Welcome to my awesome homepage! I'm trying to have a unique look by using tables, and perhaps later more advanced HTML. I think it looks pretty good for now. I had three very old webpages over a year ago, but they were deleted, due to an Angelfire Communications error. I had 4000 hits to my old Virtua Fighter pages. So I've started anew (actually, I started anew a year ago). I have much more information than I did on my old pages, and a ton more sections, which look a lot better and are easier to use. To maximize surfing ease, I've including a directory box with links to most of the other main sections of my Web World at the top of most of my sites. These sections include links pages, video games sites, a new music page (with lyrics to songs!) and an HTML guide. I have some comic book interests, but I may not create a comic books page. I have a guestbook from GuestWorld. It should be signed for all of my pages; if you want to comment on my HTML Guide, for example, write your comments there. I have links to sign it from most of my major pages. My Index Page has links to virtually every one of my pages, so if you get lost you can always return there. Enjoy your stay!!!

My name is Jarien Sky, and I'm a 14-year-old boy who lives in Iowa. I like comic books and video games, though I don't buy new comics often anymore. I greatly enjoy drawing and I'm pretty good at it. What I'm best at drawing, which I like to draw the most, is people. I feel I can relate to what I'm drawing, and it's an image that stands for something that's there for a reason. I like some music, mainly rock (alternative and anything that's not complete heavy metal with people screaming and no tune, and anything that's not soft rock with no beat) but my music section will probably be pretty short. My three favorite songs right now are "Falling from Grace" (Ozzy Ozbourn), "Sullivan" (Caroline's Spine), and "Time of Your Life" (Green Day). I finally started a music section, and, though I don't have a lot on it, I think it looks awesome. I probably won't have a comic book section, but you never know what could happen. The section that's developed the most is my video games stuff, specifically Virtua Fighter 3 (which is my favorite game--it's awesome!). Note that some of my files were under an Angelfire address, and a Tripod address. My Tripod index page is at Those pages will be updated under my Angelfire record, not Tripod.

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If you have any questions or comments please feel free to Email me at That's Or mail me at Of course, you can also sign my guestbook if you want to comment.

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