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HEY! You've reached PyroGuy's Tekken 3 Page! Here you will find a list of some of the regular characters moves (Only Paul and Yoshimitsu.) I will probably tell some information about the game. For those of you who have come here several times, I apologize for not having updated this in so long, but I was busy with my Virtua Fighter and Music sections. I have a video games survey, and links to other Tekken 3 pages (currently the links don't work; the other pages don't exist anymore or hardly have anything on them. Don't worry, I'll add more soon!). At the top of this page you'll find a box to navigate around my whole web world. Enjoy your stay!!!


Paul Phoenix | Yoshimitsu


I'm conducting an E-mail and guestbook survey about video games. I'd like all my readers to sign my guestbook or E-mail me at or and tell me which games they like more: the Tekken games, Virtua Fighter games, or Killer Instinct games. I will be posting your reasons, name, and E-mail address on my Survey Results Page. So if you don't want one and/or several of them posted there, LET ME KNOW in your E-mail or signing, otherwise I'll probably post them. Also, if you like a certain number most (i.e. Tekken 3), say so.

Additonally, I'm conducting a survey in each video game section on favorite video game characters. E-mail me or sign my guestbook and tell me who your favorite Tekken character is! I'll post those results here and on the survey results page.


Click here for Tekken links. If you're in the Frames Version, click here for links.

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