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After about six months of planning to, I've finally started this page. I have many other webpages, including a Virtua Fighter 3 Page and a Tekken 3 Page, so if you like either of those games you can check those out too. But this page will be devoted to Killer Instinct 2. I'm not really sure what I'll do with it. I have a few links, and I don't know if I'll make charcter moves lists or not.


Killer Instinct 2 is the arcade video game put out by Nintendo and Rare sometime in 1996. Yep, it's over a year old. It was the sequel to the immensely popular, revolutionary Killer Instinct (and that's a BIG complement coming from a guy who looks Virtua Fighter more than any other game). Killer Instinct was so popular because the characters actually looked 3-D, and the frame rate was better than the current Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo and Mortal Kombat 2 (or 3?). The characters had multiple finishing moves, and an auto combo system of button taps. You could also do a Combo Breaker to escape a combo. Yes, Killer Instinct was pretty original. KI2 wasn't nearly as big a hit as the first, but it was fairly popular for a few months after its release. It got rid of some characters (Cinder--my favorite, Riptor, Chief Thunder, boss Eyedol) and added some (Tusk, Kim Wu, Maya, boss Gargos). The graphics style is different with more detail and better, arguably; many die-hard KI fans like the original more. KI2 has a similar combo system, but you can also do more manual combos. There were a few new features added, and the gameplay style is very different but retains the KI feel. Personally, I think KI2 is more fun than the first.


I haven't created character moves lists yet, but hopefully I'll soon list all the characters with a picture and description to start with.


I'm not sure how many links I'll put but here are a few to start off with.


I am conducting a survey by email or guestbook signing. In the survey, I want you to vote for your favorite video game out of the Killer Instinct, Tekken, or Virtua Fighter games. Tell me why you like that one the best, and if there's a certain number you like the best (i.e. Killer Instinct 1), specify that, too. I am posting the results of the survey on my Survey Results Page. I'll post your name, email address, and reasons. If you don't want me to post your name or address or something, tell me which ones you don't want me to post and I won't. I'll just add a new vote for the game in the table. You can take the survey by E-mailing me at or You can also take the survey by signing my guestbook and telling me the information!

I'm also conducting three mini surveys. For each of the video games in the survey, I want you to tell me who your favorite character is. For Killer Instinct, I'll even accept votes from the Killer Instinct 1 characters who were eliminated from KI2! The results for that will also be posted on my survey page!


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