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Welcome to my cool video games page! This page is basically to show you all the different sections about video games I have. But from this page I also have links to other company video game pages. I've made my Virtua Fighter 3 page pretty good with tons of subsections, and my Tekken page is okay; I have moves for some characters. However, I haven't worked much on my Killer Instinct page a lot, so expect it to improve!
I've just started a Sega Dreamcast page, and since the 'net is buzzing with information about it, it's already getting pretty filled up with links, news, pictures, specs, etc. If you want to know about the future of gaming, check it out!

Virtua Fighter
Killer Instinct
Sega Dreamcast

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I am conducting a survey by Email or by signing my guestbook! I would like everyone who comes to this page to Email me or sign my guestbook and tell me which games they like better: the Killer Instinct games, Virtua Fighter games, or Tekken games. If it is a certain number (i.e. Virtua Fighter 2), please specify the number along with its series. I will be reporting the survey results at Email me your thoughts at or Additonally, I'd like to post on my survey results page reasons people have for liking the games they do. I have some results, but you have to check out my survey page to see which game's in the lead! If you don't want me to post your name, E-mail address, and/or reason(s), PLEASE SAY SO IN YOUR EMAIL, otherwise I have no way of knowing!!! I'm also conducting three mini surveys: I want my readers to let me know who their favorite character(s) from each game is(are) in the same way! Thank you to all my participants!

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