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WELCOME...This is a list of links to tons of websites with any stuff about VF on them. I'm constantly looking for more. If you know or have any WWW site I didn't put on here, please email me and tell me the title and address of the site. These links have stuff to do with VF1,VF2, and VF3, as well as one about VFPC, VF anime site, and other random VF stuff. But most of them are about VF3, the newest and most popular version I now have descriptions of every single one of the links I have on here. Some of my descriptions are pretty general (links, character pages, FAQs, etc.) but some of my descriptions are funny and creative; if I think a page is definately worth checking out for any VFer I've said so. Enjoy!

Last updated Tuesday, September 1, 1998...One more the new page of's less than a month old and covers tons of websites.


Sega's AM2 VF3 Site--mostly in Japanese, with some pics and character information--mostly about VF3 (I'm not sure a lot of what it says--I don't know Japanese) The Home of VF--this was the best VF site on the web until it went down--it's one of the only dead link I'm keeping up here becaues it WAS so good, and any new web VFers should at least know it did exist.
Hardcore VF3--currently the best VF site on the web. Updates several times a week, often the famous "recoil" and "dojo" sections--readers' comments/questions on VF; complete character pages/moves; links; readers'strategy; tournament info; chat--and more. Part of Hardcore Gaming The Box--info on other games beside VF. Has miscellaneous VF info, some FAQ links; based in Singapore so lists a lot of info about Singapore players.
Peaking Duck's VF3--includes some nice links, character moves and strategy, talks about the simplest VF techniques to the math formulas for the damage. Firestarter's VF3 Movelist--probably the most complete list of character moves, combos, strategy against each charcter, and escaping each character's throws. He also posts VF movies once in a while.
Anti-Chicken Players Committee--another awesome of the best; it has moves, a forum, and info about other games as well. These guys don't like Chicken/Machi style. Very good news section, especially about TB. Updated very posts virtually every day. Playdium--this is an actual Canadian entertainment center. It has other games, including Sega games like House of the Dead, Lost World, and Top Gun. Character pages for VF, and membership.
Matthew's Virtua Fighter Page--this is run by a kid 12 or 14, I can't remember exactly. He's got a really nice overall site and VF is one of his interests. He has info about it and character moves, though I think some of the info is wrong. Virtua Fighter 3 Special--codes, characters, news, info, and a list of VF clubs available on the net.
Miscellany VF3--tons of awesome miscellaneous VF3 info. Mostly character strategy, combos, and info; includes several other sections--pics of combos, Sega Japanese VF3 translation videos, a mailing list much like mine, and more! Virtua Fighter 3 Akira Yuki--wow, this page is awesome! THE place to go for anyone learning or good at Akira. Moves and tons of strategy (including doing the DLC and SPoD, reversals, etc. Also has codes, links, and message board
VF3: Akira's Training Room--another awesome Akira-devoted site: complete moves lists, strategy, info about Akira's fighting style, links, and a huge cool survey (and there's an English version and Chinese version! Virtua Fighter Jijii Page--probably one of the only, and best, Shun pages out there (Jijii is Japanese for "old man"--this page is also available in Japanese); there are Shun moves, along with a few other characters' moves, info about his fighting style, a bunch of cool miscellaneous info, and many "cutsey" pics, and of course links
The Gaming Meltdown--this is a general gaming site, but I put it on here because it has so many different sections and links; it's mostly devoted to console (Saturn, PSX, N64) games, but it's got a lot of cool info. Virtua World--this is a very good page, with sections on many Sega 3D arcade games, and character moves/FAQs/pics, links, and tricks on VF3
Neogamer's Home Page--I'm not sure what's on this--there's a nice-looking main page, with a link to continue, but the link doesn't work; however, I think with Java there might be more on the main page VF3 World-wide Arcade Locations--this is simply a list of all the places in the world that have a VF3 machine; however, it's old and probably outdated
Virtua Fighter 2--this has a little info about VF2, but mostly info about the VF2 scene in Singapore; the best part is that this is where probably the best VF2 Kage FAQ lies--no Kage fan should miss it! Pay's Virtua Fighter 3 Page--has very good character pages, a chat room, and VF3 soundtracks (oh, yeah!); available in a frames or no-frames version
The Splat--part of "The Syndicate Gate," with very cool computer pics by the man creator of the page; there's a Q&A recoil section, FAQs, links. There's also stuff on Darkstalkers and Street Fighter III on this page; it has a very cool look. Game Informer Magazine--Web Edition--Game Informer is a monthly video game magazine. The web edition is like a preview of that issue, with a little of the info from the paper magazine (wow, real paper!) in it; it's got stuff on many different games, and includes such sections as reviews, previews, and top 10 lists
Kage's Combos--a very new page mostly about (you guessed it) Kage's combos. Wants readers to submit combos via guestbook; also has brief previes of games from AOU show, and a more detailed section about Fighting Vipers 2; also want sreaders to submit links VF3 Supersite--this DID have cool archive, 411, Community, and match of the week sections, but the appear to have disappeared (they'll probably come back, though); there's still a big section about a tourny that was in March, and a message board
Big Daddy's Virtua Fighter 3--this page has a lot of miscellaneous info about the game, some pics of the characters and stages; but the thing that makes it so awesome is the "Alpha" section--it has CG pics of unused costumes for some of the characters, plus original character plan sketches--several for each character! They're awesome! I dunno how this guy got his hands on them! Big Daddy's Virtua Fighter 2--nice miscellaneous VF2 info and pix, including pix of the VF1 and 2 deluxe cabinets, Akira's SPoD animation on the game (VF3 cabinet shows VF3 Akira SPoD in VF3 section!), and page of biodata and VF2 storylines for all the VF2 characters.
Charlie's Taka Page--the only entirely Taka page I've ever seen, and a very good one at that. It has the necesseties--moves, combos, and strategy (all very good), plus cool pics and downloads (and links--duh!--so does every page) John's Fighting Game Arena--AWSOME SITE! Mostly about Capcom games; why this is so cool is that he's got TONS of game and game-related links, and like 50 FAQs to download, for characters from X-Men, Street Fighter (pick your number and Greek Letter)other Capcom games, and of course our beloved VF3; and he's got over 4 million hits to his webpage!
Virtua Fighter's List--apparently this turned all-Japanese since I last saw it; but from the little English I saw there was a lot of info about Akira, including moves lists with descriptions, etc. Virtua Fighter PC Cheats--this is the only online stuff about VFPC I found; it's just some codes. It's part of Cheats and Codes Online wich lists a TON of codes.
Virtua Fighter Anime Show Review--this is a long review of the Virtua Fighter anime TV show (the online website about it I've found), a part of, which is a huge website about anime and manga Virtua Fighter 3 Team You Win--mostly in Japanese so I'm not sure exactly what's on it. But it has a lot of VF pics I haven't seen before, and the counters at 20 thousand hits, so if you can speak Japanese you should probably check this out.
Zero's Page of Complete and Total Insanity--despite the name, this is pretty nifty. About video games (100% Namco Free!) in general; some stuff on it is the "Zero's Ranting" about miscellaneous game stuff, Megaman Music Page, tons of Fighting Vipers stuff, awesome CG and hand-drawn images, including Zero's own nice drawings! Sega Online--This is (no kidding) the official Sega of Ameria website. Considering almost no one in America likes VF (man I know I'm gonna get tons o' nasty emails about that statment), there's almost Zilch about VF on here. But I figured I better put up the link after a year since this is an "official" website.
The Kage Syndicate--this has a syndicate mailing list to join, many cool combos (including but not limited to Gamest combos), tactics and FAQs (including answers to readers' questions), an image gallery, and general links [also the author has a lot of personal info]--a must-see for Kage fans! Beginner Akira's Club--discusses Akira's strengths and weaknesses, SPoD and DLC help/info, basic Akira strategy, Akira moves, and Akira combos--very helpful for a beginner Akira
System Extreme Esup 3;--this guy has a section explaining the weird title of his page; this is a personal page with a very nice look and layout. VF3 is one of the hobbies of this guy so he has some sections with some general VF info, and some links to VF pages. It's also nice that it's available in English and Japanese. Tao of Virtua Fighter--This is a relatively new iste, and probably the biggest compilation of VF info. Tao has links to tons of character and general FAQs, combo lists, and moves lists for VF2 and VF3, by different people; links to many VF pages and strategy guides; he's going to start a message board and Q and A section; and a ton of general VF info (including copies of RGVA posts).
Vong's Arcade Site--one of few English site with Gamest Mook Combo translations (sorry--Akira, Kage, Jacky only). Also contains character and general FAQs (including how to do the CPU freeze and Kage warp bugs), links, a message board, and miscelaneous bug info. Part of The Akira Studio. Virtua Fighter 2 Information--an old site; mostly info on a tournament of VF2; there are also some downloads for programs, a few links, and a few FAQ links.
Virtua Fighter Page--This is a very old VF1 page, one of the only ones left around. It has character guides for Pai, Jacky, and Akira, some basic VF info, a few other FAQs. Most importantly, a complete VF1 FAQ (though not by the author of the webpage). This is some of the last VF1 info on the net. Check it out. Virtua Fighter II Page--This is from the same guy as the VF1 page to the left. Basically the same kind of stuff but for VF2 instead of VF1; pretty cool FAQs, etc.
The JEK Experience--Pretty new, but pretty cool I like the look of this site. There's some VF info, like moves information, etc. There are also links to other gaming sites, and this guy has Tomb Raider strategy sections. This will probably develop more later. The Virtua Fighter 3 Shrine--this page has a really nice, simple look to it. It's filled with miscellaneous information on the characters, and about VF3 techniques in general, and opinions of the creator of the page. Like in his "hot topics" section he just talks about what he thinks of some VF-related topics. This is a very "different" (that's the best word I can think of) VF page.
The VF3 Resource Center--this page is by Jason La and is a very good vfpage. I can't believe I never saw it before I'm putting the link up. It has a lot of different sections, like pictures, a descriptive list of links, forum, mailing list. And it has a really nice look (sadly not many people have been to it.) Li-Hsiu's Homepage--this is the webpage of the best VF player who plays here in Iowa. He just started it so there's not much VF stuff on it yet but some cool pics, but soon it'll probably be something pretty cool. is a very complete, thorough fighting game website. It has tons of sections like news, links, a message board, etc. plus individual sections dedicated to Tekken, Capcom Games, Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct, Soul Calibur/Edge, and of course Virtua Fighter. It has a nice look with a lot of good info. --
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