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Fighting Style:Sumo Wrestling
Date of BirthNovember 11, 1968
Blood Type:O
Height202 cm
Weight:198 kg
Job:Sumo Wrestler


Virtua Fighter 3 Storyline:In the Sumo world, Taka-arashi is famous for his unusually brutal fighting style. One day, while entertaining at an American bar, Taka-Arashi agreed to settle an argument in an underground fist fight. Taka-Arashi fiercely bested his opponent, a man famous in the world of underground fighting. Upon his return to Japan Taka-Arashi informed his boss of his decision to leave Sumo wrestling. On that same day, Taka-Arashi received an invitation to the 3rd Virtua Fighter tournament, and, blood still boiling with the thrill of battle, accepted.


Outfit #1: White and blue bandage-type cloth wrapped around waist to thighs. Taka wears a loose lightblue garment over one shoulder and hanging down slightly under his waist, and a belt around his waist.
Outfit #2: Taka wears nothing but blue cloth wrapped around waist and between legs, and a loincloth depicting what appears to be an eagle flying over a mountain with big red sun in background.

An elevated cirular traditional sumo wring, with ring-out space all around. Trees and mountains in background. Dirt beneath the ring, and a path leading to a hut from it; also red poles by the ring.

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