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Name:Sarah Bryant
Fighting Style:Jeet Kune Do
Date of BirthSeptember 4, 1973
Blood Type:AB
Height173 cm
Weight:55 kg
Job:College Student


Virtua Fighter 1 Storyline:Sarah is Jacky's sister and the oldest daughter of the Bryant family. Filled with curiosity, she quickly becomes embroiled in every situation imaginable. Sarah was suspicious of the circumstances surrounding her brother Jacky's racing accident. When she was investigating this accident, the mystery group kidnapped her. They use hypnosis to control her actions. Her innate fighting sense aroused by the hypnotism, Sarah will be sent into the Tournament to deliver the knock-out blow to her brother Jacky.
Virtua Fighter 2 Storyline: Sarah is still held captive and hypnotized. She is further trained by the Syndicate to become the strongest fighting machine in order to kill her elder brother Jacky.
Virtua Fighter 3 Storyline:Although Sarah was rescued at the tournament by Jacky, who claimed to be her brother, all of her memories had been wiped clean (Sarah had previously been brainwashed by Dural-creators Judgment 6 to kill Jacky). Although occasional fragments of her memories began to return as she lived her daily life, she found that they returned far more often during her training. Perhaps she can recover the rest of her memories by fighting? With that hope, she decided to enter the 3rd tournament.


Outfit #1: Loose grey pants and high-heeled black boots. Black top with grey shirt over it.
Outfit #2: Blue cut-off jeans shorts with a yellow top and red shirt over it. Blue boots.

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