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Name:Pai Chan
Fighting Style:Ensei-Ken
Date of BirthMay 17, 1975
Blood Type:O
Height167 cm
Weight:48 kg
Job:Action Star
Nationality:Hong Kong


Virtua Fighter 1 Storyline:
She is a leading star in Hong Kong action films. Her moods change as quickly as a cat's - she can erupt inpassion in one minute, and turn icy cold in the next. Lau's only daughter, Pai was especially trained by her father in martial arts from a young age. Lau was jealous of her superior abilities, however, so she ran away from home at 16 when her mother died. Two years later, she was a success in the movie industry. When she recieved word that her father was going to enter the World Fighting Tournament, she also decided to enter.
Virtua Fighter 2 Storyline: Pai took part in the First World Fighting Tournament to test her skills. It revealed that she was rather weak and she decided to train for a year before the Second World Fighting Tournament. During the past year, she incorporated her own techniques and tactics she has discovered. She determined to defeat (this time for sure) her father for pursuing his own ideals at the expense of his family.
Virtua Fighter 3 Storyline: Although Pai lost to her father, Lau, a second time, she left the tournament with a new perspective on her father. What is it that he seeks with his fists that is so important that he would forsake his family? Pondering that, Pai began working on her new world-spanning, big budget film, until she heard that there would be a 3rd tournament.


Outfit #1: Tight yellow pants, a golden-yellow long-sleeved shirt with cuffs that get larger, with a long dark blue vest type garment over it. Golden-brown beret with hair up in a bun. Little black slippers.
Outfit #2: Loose light blue pants with a matching loose, light blue short-sleeved shirt and long loincloth, all with flower designs. Little brown slippers.

A Chinese rooftop with a steep slope. At the bottom of the slope is the street, and at the top, a taller building, or a higher part of that building, blocks an exit. The sides have tall bars around most of them, with small spaces that go down to the street. There are buildings with many posters and signs in the background.

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