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These are the old notes from 1998.

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updated Wednesday, May 27, 1998: The only subsection updated is vfnews, which is just a copy of this notice. I have more info about the DreamCast. It's actually a 128-bit system, not 64-bits. I found several places with information about the DreamCast. First, official Sega of Japan DreamCast site. This is in Japanese, but I can't read it; however, it may be of help to some people. Also, I found an article about it at MSNBC...the article's URL is Also, from these sites, I've gathered images of the DreamCast (controller & VMS from MSNBC; base unit & logo from Sega of Japan). Click on the pics to see a bigger version. Also, though I haven't changed all the links back yet, every section of my entire website is back at the Angelfire URL, and any updates will occur here, not on the mirror pages I have at my Tripod record.
DreamCast unit
DreamCast controller
Visual Memory System
DreamCast Logo


--from Wednesday, 5/21/98
John Culbert ( has informed me of a new website being constructed: You can see a preview of it there. It's supposed to be up June first, I think. It's supposed to be about a ton of different fighting games. I have now received word from John Culbert that there is someone to head the Virtua Fighter section, so they're no longer looking for someone to be able to run that section. However, as a new, expanding webisite, they are looking for contributions, so if you want to have any input of information to them, mail or Alex at So if you know a lot about VF you might want to mail them some stuff about it you think would be cool to have on their new VF section.
updated Friday, May 22, 1998: I don't have a ton of new stuff for today, but what I do have is great. It's info in the VF News section about the Sega 64-bit system. I got it all from Ultra Game Players Online, so you can see it there, too. I'll tell briefly here about the new system. Its new official name is the DreamCast, and is scheduled to be shown (but not sold) this October in Japan. It has a PDA to save and load data, but the PDA can also be used separately as a portable system.
updated Wednesday, May 20, 1998: I don't have a lot more today, but I do have a very important announcement. First of all, the small thing, I got another vote on the survey page, and guess what, it's for VF. I guess we kind of have an idea now of which games winning, huh? It's actually a partially biased survey because I do a lot more stuff on the net with VF than with KI and Tekken.
updated Tuesday, May 12, 1998: This is actually a semi-big update, the first big one in a while. First off, I finished uploading all the character CG images to my Angelfire record, so the character pages should load a lot more quickly now. Which means for some cool VF3 images just go to the individual character pages. Or type in the broswer location bar and then the character's first name with a 1, 2, or 3 after it, then a .gif extension. To see VF1 and 2 images (which I actually got from hardcore vf), type in vf1 or vf2 before the first name of the character and don't put a number afterwards. For the characters' stages, type an s after their first name. Another big thing I did today is update the combo page. I added an awesome new cool-looking damaging Akira combo! Also, I realized that for the Pai character page, I'd forgotten to write the outfit descriptions when I first made it, so I did that. Finally, in the news section, I talk about a few possibilites for VF4. Any comments or feedback about that stuff would be appreciated. On a more general note, I'll probably move all my other pages, like Killer Instinct, Tekken, and HTML Guide, back to my Angelfire URL, since after uploading 50+ VF CG images I haven't even used a fifth of my alloted 5 megs of disk space.
updated Thursday, May 7, 1998: I added one link, a pretty new one, to the VF Links section. It looks pretty nice. Also, I changed the format of the old notes stuff. Since I had too much memory on one single page, now there are separate 1997 and 1998 old updates/notes pages. Finally, I uploaded a lot of the CG pictures to my Angelfire record, so the Character Page should load a lot faster. I haven't put all the images on the individual character pages, though; those images are still on other servers. They're the same thing but load more slowly.


NOTE: The following announcement is no longer effective. There is now someone to head the Virtua Fighter section of However, as of the time of this notice, outside help from other VFers is appreciated.

--from Wednesday, 5/21/98
John Culbert ( has informed me of a new website being constructed: You can see a preview of it there. It's supposed to be up June first, I think. It's supposed to be about a ton of different fighting games. Well, they desperately need someone to work on the Virtua Fighter section. Anyone interested in working on the VF section should contact Tigeraid at the email I wrote, or Alex at This should be someone with a lot of knowledge about VF willing to put some dedication forward to making this new site an awesome one. Anyone who thinks they could contribute to this site should email them (or you can mail me and ask about if if you feel like it; I'll ask for you if you want), but keep in mind they definately need someone to be the main head of the VF section. Some possibilities for subsections are news to be updated any time there's new VF info (like about Katana or VF4), characters, and combo lists. There are some reqirements for the page. It must have white text on a black background, any tables must stick to the same format, and there should be a smaller sub-menu under the main window. So the head of the VF section should probably have fair knowledge of HTML/java(script). But if you don't know a lot of HTML but know a lot about VF and want to do this, I reccomend you contact them anyway, since it's possible you'd be working off a creator that would write the HTML for you (I'm not sure what they use to make it.) Remember, they want your help so tell them what you're willing to do!

updated Monday, April 27, 1998: There isn't a very big update today. I've already said the VF page is pretty much done. I added some more links to the VF Links section. The one I'd definately reccomend is "Tao of Virtua Fighter." There's simply a ton of documents and info on that page. I'm experimenting with different images now; I might put on a background image or something for this page. Again, happy VFing, this will probably be the last update in a while.
updated Sunday, April 12, 1998: Wow! I think my Virtua Fighter 3 Page is now completely done, except for one thing! I'm working on an image gallery of stuff I'm drawing or putting on the web! When I get enough cool images, I'll put it up for all to see! But you want to know what's going on now, don't you? Today, I added three more links to my VFlinks section, along with descriptions. I now have 40 Virtua Fighter links! Also, I changed the introduction on this page. I made it a lot longer, explaining a little about my different sections. I made a few minor changes, like centering the text about Mr. Angry at the top, changing the Credits section, etc. Another possible future outlook is adding a very light, probably grey, background design for this page. Also, if this is the first time you've been to my Virtua Fighter page, or you haven't been here in a while, read the "New stuff and notes from earlier this month" section farther down on this main page, from April 11. I talk about a combo I did as Kage which was really awesome--about 80% damage, and knocked the opponent out of the ring from the starting position! Also in the future I'll probably add more links as I find them. Sorry, yesterday I made a bunch of typos in writing the links so they didn't work, but now the links from yesterday's updates should. But for now enjoy my huge VF3 page, and have a fun time playing Virtua Fighter 3!
updated Saturday, April 11, 1998: The first thing I want to say is a general note to the VF community. I was playing as Kage for the first time in a long time, and I did an awesome combo. I didn't put it on the Combo List yet, because I'm not sure exactly the conditions. Without further delay, this was it: uf+K+G,f,d,df+P,df+K+G,d+K,df+K. Forward flipkick, uppercut, reverseflipkick, low TT kick, ground stomp. The whole thing connectd. It was against Sarah in her stage. I'd seen the uf+K+G,uppercut on combo lists, and that it would connect if the first hit was a major counter. I'd never done it 'till today, and I just kept going. I doubted the reverse flipkick (df+K+G, sorry if my move names of Kage's are wrong) would connect, but apparently it scraped along the ground and hit Sarah. Half the time you connect with it, you can get a low turnaround kick, ground stomp after it. Just that part's a very easy, almost 50% damage Kage combo. With the reverse flipkick as a major counter and uppercut before it, the combo did about 90% damage (or maybe 80%--I could be exagerating; it depends on how many damage points the lifebars are set on, anyway)! The cool thing was that Kage hit Sarah so many times that she was pushed so far back that she fell out of the ring as soon as she started getting up! I did this as soon as the round began, so she got pushed back half the ring! So I think for it to work it has to be against a light character, and the first hit must be an MC. It's possible, though, that Sarah had started rolling forward, and the df+K+G hit her out of the roll, but very unlikely, because I almost definately would have noticed her rolling; I have a quick eye for VF. I'd REALLY like some feedback on if anyone knows how to do this properly, or if it's possible without hitting her while rolling, or anything about it in general. On to the updates! Well, guess what I've been doing for the past 10 days since you last saw an updaten (besides playing VF3). Slacking doing nothing? Nope, I've been hard at work on my beloved Virtua Fighter 3 page for all you folks out htere in netland. I've got several things for you today. I need to say first, finally Kage-maru has his own character page lovingly crafted by me. I've still got the link to DreamMaster's Kage FAQ [note that DreamMaster's pages are now on Tripod, not Geocities, so the Kagepage url changed] on all the character pages, along with my Kage page. Actually, something to note: I now have links to every single character page from each character page, and the main VF charcters page. Speaking of characters, I went back over the Akira and Jacky pages, which are actually moves lists. I'd made them a while ago, and some of the terminology I'd used was different than general VF speak, so I changed it, along with the Key, along with adding more terms on the key. Additionally, I fixed what I'd put for the enemy's reactions on the Akira page; some were wrong since I'd done it a long time ago before I was as goodat VF3 as I am now. Check out the VF Links section! I now have 36 VF links, plus descriptions for every single one of them! It takes a while to visit and write descriptions for that many links, plus add two more. Finally, what you've all probably noticed, I changed the images at the top of the page (twice, actually--for a few days I had an image that was pretty much like the text except the words were above and below the VF3 icon.) I now have a fiery, pyro-looking logo, along with a crude animation of Akira SPoDing "MR. Angry" (thank you AkiraMad for coming up with that name. I know the animation isn't all that great; it's only 4 frames, in black and white, and I didn't even draw Akira's whole costume. Keep in mind I did it very quickly, and will probbly add color and more frames later. I'm sorry my page may load slowly, but I had to upload all the images at the tripod ftp server since every time I tried to use Angelfire's in the past 2 months it didn't work. But, hey, slow images are better than no images! But it would be great if you VFers out there would tell me what you think of the images!
updated Thursday, April 2, 1998: Wahoo!!! Another big accomplishment! Today marked the 1000th hit to my Virtua Figher page! 1000! Yes! I also have some awesome updates for today. First of all, AkiraMad mailed me some notes on his Akira 90-combo list. So I put the notes up on there. If you haven't been there yet, check it out! It's awesome! BTW, there were already 20 hits to the Akira combo list and it's only been up about a week! Way to go AkiraMad! Also, I added a counter to Tigeraid's combo list, which I'd forgotten to do before. Sorry, Tigeraid. He's got anywhere from 10 to 80 combos for half the characters! I added a ton more (about 8) links to the links page, along with deleting old links that don't work anymore. Plus I added a links counter and made it look a little nicer than the old black and gray. And finally, there were two more votes in the survey, and guess what! Yep, both people voted for Virtua Fighter! Check out the much-neglected survey section to see the exact stats on how many votes went to each game (VF IS winning). I'll probably make my own Kage character page soon, instead of using the DreamMaster's awesome Kage FAQ for more Kage link.


updated March 28, 1998: It's finally done!!! Wahoo! I have all of the character pages! I made the Aoi Page! Yes!!! Not only that, I received Akira Mad's Akira combo list! 90 combos! You can go to that at! It's an awesome list you should definately look at! I'm trying to fix it so that you can see all the columns on the screen at once, but currently you have to scroll to the right a bit to see the credits. AkiraMad deserves a big thanks for putting so much effort into the list for my page. And it was hard to get it to show up right on the net. His other list is still at, but I might put the new list on that page and delete the older combos, since they're on his new list. Finally today, I have updated the news section, talking about the Sega Saturn's demise. Wa-waa! Expect another update shortly, where I'll add a bunch more links to the links section, something I should have done a long time ago!
updated March 22: I made two new character pages: Shun and Taka. The only one left now is Aoi who I should make the page for shortly. Except I don't have Shun's outfit descriptions because I couldn't remember them of the top of my head, since they're so wacky. The development of my whole VF section is coming to a close! After I finish all the characters I won't update nearly as often, since that's mainly what I'm working on. I'll probably just add new combos, links, and news every once in a while. Actually, I'll proably add more to links and news when I make the Aoi page.
updated March 17: Hmm...where should I begin for today? I guess I'll start wih the most obvious. I changed the look of the main page a little: altering the colors of the title, switching the position of my Akira drawing and the introduction, and moving news off the main page. It moved to a new section at, you guessed it vfnews.html. However, I didn't add any new newsbits today. Another update, I added Akira Mad (Valois Mathieu) to the mailing list. I also fixed the section with his combos (akmad.html); he'd emailed me informing me he'd made an error in a few of the combos, plus some spelling errors, so I fixed those. He's also told me he's developing a long list, of Akira combos, and currently has 90+ (wow!), so I might put those up soon, too. A special thank you goes to Akira Mad. I finally wrote the outfit descriptions for the Jeffry page! Last but not least, I made the whole Lion Rafale page (at lion.html) complete with biodata, storylines, outfit descriptions, stage descriptions, and pix! Only 3 more characters to go! Now that's a load of work for one man for one day! Also, today the VF page counter surpassed 900 hits! At the recent rate of 3 to 10 hits per day, I could get 1000 in a few weeks!
updated March 14: I've updated again, finally. Added to the combo section, I put links to separate pages I formed of tons of combos submitted to me by Tigeraid and Akira Mad. Tigeraid's combos are at trcombo.html and Akira Mad's are at akmad.html. Also, somone new joined the mailing list, Clark/Chris, who's looking for VF2 PC competition over the internet. If you want his email, it's posted in the mailing list section. I sorted out the problemswith the memory on Angelfire, temporarily, at least, so I'll probably update more often. I think Akira Mad might join the mailing list; I'll consult him about it.
updated March 1: All right, I've got some more goodies for everyone today! I started my VF combos page! I only have a few combos for a few different characters, but it's a start. John Culbert, aka Tigeraid, on my mailing list, emailed me a very extensive list of combos for about half the characters. It's so extensive, I'm going to just put it on a separate section, but I don't have enough memory left on my Anglefire record to do so. I'm currently moving my other pages to tripod, and I'll probably eventually only have VF stuff on Angelfire, but I'll put them up in a while. Also, I made my Jeffry McWild character page. It's all done except for the outfit descriptions cause I can't remember what he wears and I couldn't find any net pics of his VF3 outfits. Those should be done shortly, too. I'm done with the pages for all of the 8 original characters--only 4 more to go! Those should be done shortly, too. I'd really like some more original combos if anyone has any for me!


updated February 15: The first thing I'd like to say is, yes, I did draw that image of Akira up there at the top of my page I just put on. If you wanna use it on your page, ask me first, please! I'm finally updating my Virtua Fighter page again after more than a month. Some regualar visitors to my page, whoever they may be, may have noticed that about a month ago I changed the look to my page a little. I think I changed the font face and colors for some parts of the main vf page, and I put in table background colors for certain parts, and changed the link colors. Sadly, most of these nifty tricks are only viewable with Netscape 3.0 or higher. It's taken me so long to update since I ran out of memory on my Angelfire directory. What I've decided to do is to move some of my angelfire pages to my tripod record ( But VF fans don't worry, this page and my other vf sections aren't going anywhere, since they're my most popular pages. All I've done so far is move my HTML guide from to I may move my links page ( next. Now, into the good stuff! What I've updated! Today, I made the whole Wolf Hawkefield page!. As you can probably guess, it's located at my angelfire URL, ending with /wolf.html. This, as with all my character pages, includes: biodata, storylines, outfit description, stage description, and of course, loads of cool pix! But also remember my Akira and Jacky pages are the only ones to include complete moves lists, including damage points, attack levels, and frame rates. The Akira one also says the opponents reaction to each move. (I know this since I specialize in Akira.) Anyway, next I'll make the Jeffry be the last page of the eight original characters. Then I can start on Lion and Shun! Well, I hope the new look at character sections keep VFers worldwide satisfied!

January 11: I've got a pretty good announcement! I can now upload my own drawings to the web which means I'll probably put images of VF characters on the web, that I've drawn on electronic paint programs or perhaps scanned. However, since I have so little space left on my Angelfire directory (only about 10K), I'll be putting the images on my Tripod directory which has almost nothing on it. Yes I have a dumb tripod webpage I use to test stuff on ( So I'll probably set up an art/pix page you can access this stuff at. I've already started a drawing of Akira in progress and I've been uploading it to Tripod after each major change. You can see the picture very large at or see a smaller version at my angelfire address, but at /akiratest.html. Pleae let me know if you like the drawing or not and if you want to see more of my drawings. Finally, if you'd like to use my drawing on your webpage, please ask me or write on your webpage that I drew it.

January 10: This is my first update for 1998! Well, happy New Year, everyone! I know my last update was a few weeks ago. Probably I won't be able to update very often since school's in. It'll probably be once every week or two. Well, I've come back with something pretty good. I made the entire Lau Chan Page. I actually put a link to it in this section; yes, a true rarity! I have the biodata, pix, storylines, etc. I'm not sure about the outfits, though, I couldn't remember exactly what Lau wears but I think my descriptions are pretty close! I even put the link to the Lau page from all the other character pages, & the plain Vf characters page. I guess next I'll start on Jeffrey and Wolf, the last two of the remaining original characters I haven't set up pages for! I also have an announcement. I'm sure by now everyone has heard of VF3tb (team battle). It's the new VF3 version, I think I talk about it in my news section. (If I don't I'll talk about it there). Well, I don't think I'm going to add the new tb moves to my moves lists (Akira & Jacky), but I might just start a tb section where I write some info about it and show pix of it. So if you know anything about it or have some pix, please send them in. Finally, I'd like to start a section of some cool combos for each character, so if you know any, please send them in! Okay, I just checked, so I'm adding another piece of news about the new Sega System & tb!

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