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NEW STUFF...(Tues, July 13, 1999)
I FINALLY (after a LONG time searching) found a clip of one of my all-time favorite songs, "Games Without Frontiers," (click there) by Peter Gabriel--from the 1980 Peter Gabriel 3 album. And just so you all know, that voice in the background says, "jeux sans frontieres," which is French for "games without frontiers" doesn't say "she's so funky" or anything like that. Anyway I'm still looking for the whole song...anyone mail me if you have someplace I can get it.
OFFSPRING STUFF One of my new favorite bands is The Offspring. I have two songs from them uploaded, both from Ixnay on the Hombre. Click to hear.
All I Want
Gone Away

Here are the lyrics to several songs, as well as links to the bands/singers that created them. Along with the lyrics to "Sunny Came Home," I have an analysis of what I think the song means, line by line.


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