PyroGuy's Virtua Fighter mailing list

PyroGuy's Virtua Fighter Mailing List

Okay, this is my Virtua Fighter mailing list. Here's what this is: a list of names, email addresses, webpages, places VF played at, etc. for any VF player, or anyone who's ever played VF, or anyone who just feels like being on this mailing list.

Just email me as much as the information as you want listed, and I'll post it here on the mailing list. I decided to make this because I really want some VF competition and I'd like to talk to other VF players about it. I think that VF players need to be more united on the WWW; that is, I've suddenly started seeing guestbook signings and email addresses in something slightly related to Virtua Fighter, and these were people I've never even heard of. Additionally, anyone on the mailing list I will email each time I update my page explaining what the update was. Each time I update the news section, I will email them a brief summary of what the VF news is. So please, email me if you want to be on the mailing list, or have any questions about VF, or anything halfway related to any of my pages. Of course, you can also ask any of this stuff by signing my guestbook since I'll be checking my Guestbookregularly to see if there have been any new postings. But remember, you can't be on the list unless you email me or sign the guestbook. The purpose of this is not only so I can know how to contact you, bug so anyone who stumble upon my page somehow will have lots of other VF players to talk to.

Important Note: scroll your browser window to the right to see all of the categories for each person.

NameNet NameEmail AddressWebpage Urlwhere plays VFbest character(s)Comments/Other
Jarien's Castle, Old Capitol Mall, Iowa City, Iowa, USAAkira (Kage,Sarah OK)There is a working VF3 machine at this Aladdin's; this is a sample listing; not all the categories have to be filled out
Ed CruzHardcore Gamerhg@hardcoregaming.comhardcoregaming.comTimeOut,Chicago,Illinois,USAAoi(Shun VF2)
Akira Fu(Paul/Demitri)
Tay & Jacky"I...consider myself an advanced player"
John Man Arcade, North Bay Ontario (Canada), Friday/Saturday nights for VF2 PC players on the net
Mathieu ValoisAkira Madvaloisma.magellan.umontreal.caMontreal, CanadaAkira YukiSPoD,SPoD,SPoD!!!
Deborah SeahVFgirlvfgirl@hotmail.comDon't have one! (thinking of setting one up, though)Bukit Panjang Plaza, East Coast E-Zone, Funan Center, SingaporeSarah, combo-crazy pai and (currently) pretty well-rounded (but beginner) AoiAnyone with advice on how to improve my aoi is welcome to mail mua (yes, i know, i'm a girl!)
Eric John CruzLau Kidlau_kid@hotmail.comnoneLau
Mike BishopLord Keiben, home; this is a Tekken/MK area of the worldSarah, Jacky, Kage, Pai, Akira, and Ura Berman (Bahn)!!

If you have any questions or comments, or feel like saying anything, please email me at That's Or sign my guestbook. Wanna view my guestbook?
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