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Name:Lion Rafale
Hobby:collecting knives
Fighting Style:Torou-Ken/Praying Mantis
Date of BirthDecember 24, 1979
Blood Type:AB
Height174 cm
Weight:63 kg
Job:High School Student


Virtua Fighter 2 Storyline:He is born into the Rafale family, one of the most wealthy families in France. They are involved in the aircraft industry. This business is but a front for their involvement in illegal arms contracts with terrorists. Lion has been practising Toruken under an instructor as part of management education since he was five. He resents his father's control over his life and during one of their arguments, his father proposed to Lion to win the World Fighting Tournament as a prerequisite to become free from him. Thus Lion is participating in the tournament competition.
Virtua Fighter 3 Storyline:Although Lion lost to Kagemaru in the first round of the tournament, but while in the midst of that became aware of a burning, fighting spirit buried deep within him, a satisfying feeling he had never tasted before. Promising a rematch to all the fighters, Lion returned home and became absorbed in his training. In that time his skills have improved greatly (Lion was ranked as one of the worst fighters in VFII, BTW). Once again, Lion accepted the invitation to compete in his 2nd tournament.


Outfit #1: Thick red vest with loose navy blue knee-length shorts, and white shoes.
Outfit #2: Tight white "Shrink Wrap" and many other logos short-sleeved shirt with tight white pants and white shoes, with a watch.

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