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Name:Lau Chan
Hobby:Chinese Poetry
Fighting Style:Koen-Ken
Date of BirthOctober 2, 1940
Blood Type:B


Virtua Fighter 1 Storyline:A leading Chinese chef, he is also a master of the legendary Koen-ken martial art. A quiet man, he nevertheless has the air of resourcefulness and skill seen only in those skilled in the art of Koen-ken. His cold appearance belies a gentle nature. He achieved one of his life's ambitions when he was awarded the Grand Prix at the world's most renowned competition for Chinese chefs. Now, he is ready to fulfill his next ambition. He is resolved to enter the World Fighting Tournament and achieve his ultimate goal.
Virtua Fighter 2 Storyline:He is came from Northern China, Shandong Province. He was the strongest fighter and winner of the last Tournament. This made him happy as his martial arts school was looking for successor and the requirement was for him to win the Tournament. After the First Tournament, he retreated to the mountains to train and develop new techniques to improve his ultimate art. He is taking part in the Second World Fighting Tournament using advanced Koen-ken techniques.
Virtua Fighter 3 Storyline:Shortly after losing the 2nd tournament to Akira by only the tiniest of margins, Lau received word that his restaurant was in a dire financial situation. For a while, Lau returned to its kitchen in an attempt to revive his once famous restaurant. When he received an invitation to the 3rd tournament, Lau left the kitchen in the hands of his best apprentice, and began the preparations for his journey. They say a thin smile appeared on his lips...


Outfit #1: A loose, thick red vest with long, black sleeves under it. Loose black pants with red cuffs, and black slippers.
Outfit #2: A very long light blue vest with dark blue pants and dark blue sleeves.

On the Great Wall of China. There are several sets of stairs, and uneven walls on two sides. On one side there is a great drop--a ringout space. A float can hit the enemy over the wall, though. There is grass and dirt on the plummet from the brown/yellow stone and bricks.

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