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Fighting Style:Ju-Jutsu
Date of BirthJune 6, 1970
Blood Type:B
Height178 cm
Weight:66 kg


Virtua Fighter 1 Storyline:He was born in the village of Hagakure. Kagemaru is the name given to members of the Hagakure clan who work in secret in the shadows of society. His birthright was to become the tenth-generation Kagemaru. His father, the ninth-generation Kagemaru, taught him the fearsome Hagakure fighting technique. One day, his mother, the eighth-generation Tsukikage, was kidnapped by a mysterious figure. Nothing was heard of her fate.Several years later, the village of Hagakure was attacked by an unknown force. Kagemaru and his father were out fishing, but quickly returned when they saw the blazing village. They were too late, however, and the village was destroyed. Kagemaru's father was felled by a bullet from the mystery group.The next morning, Kagemaru salvaged a keepsake from his father, donned his costume, and embarked on a journey to prepare himself to take vengeance on those who spilled his father's blood.
Virtua Fighter 2 Storyline:Kage whose specialty is Jujitsu, has a vendetta against the Syndicate that killed his father. Not only did they kill his father, they also took his mother away from him and made her as one of their fighters.
Virtua Fighter 3 Storyline:Finally, in the 2nd tournament, Kage succeeded in saving his mother (who had been transformed into Dural). For many months, Kage and his mother lived a peaceful life in a small, hidden village. When about a year had passed, though, Kage's mother was suddenly struck by a mysterious illness. Kage's investigation into her ailment revealed that it was an after-effect of her transformation into Dural, and now he's entering the new tournament to find out what connection this has to the new-model Dural.


Outfit #1: Typical Kage outfit. Blue tight hood-type garment with a black ninja mask, metal band around head. Loose blue pants, tall black boots, blue long-sleeved shirt. Yellow belt tied into bow. Net weave shirt under blue one.
Outfit #2: "Disco" Kage. (haha!) Grey net-weave long-sleeved shirt, shiny tight silver pants, black ninja mask (no hood/headband) with hair in long ponytail.

A grass field sloping down in the middle with a castle and a wall in the bacground. There are stone walls/fences around all sides around all sides but one (where ringout is possible, or ringout float over walls).

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