Iowa City Virtua Fighting

This is a list of all the people who regularly play Virtua Fighter 3 in Iowa City, Iowa, in the Aladdin's Castle arcade in Old Capital Mall, which I believe is the only VF3 machine in the state. If anyone wishes to challenge or meet any of the Iowa City VFers please email me (or email someone else on the list.) Sorry about the crude look of the page; I'll be fixing it in the near future. Keep in mind that at the time of this writing (Wednesday, June 10, 1998) the list is not complete; that is, there are other people who play VF here, but I need to get info and permission from them. All of us here in IC would like some new one ever really visits here to play maybe now it'll start.
Thurs, 7/30/98...I'm now putting probably the last person I will on here...the last ICVF player who likes competition.

Jarien Sky (PyroGuy)Akira, a little Kage, Pai, and Sarahmost Saturday afternoons, some
Tay Sky (DreamMaster)mostly Kage, a little Pai, Akira, and Sarahsome weekdays, mostly
Heidi Kemps (Zero)Sarah, Lion???
BenPaisome weekdays between 3 and 5 pm.
IanAkira, Shunsome weekend afternoons/
Tommostly Akira, some everyone elsemiscellaneous days after
Tom ChengAoi and Akiragone most of this
Christian McConellKage and Wolf mostlysome
TingShun, Kage???
FreeCowJackyaround 4:00 some days

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