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The Sega beckons us all to the future. Released in Japan on November 27, 1998, you and I are both hoping we can import one, or enjoying it if we have. The new 128-bit platform with a built-in upgradable modem is the ultimate gaming experience, with totally 3-D immersion games of all genres. The games we have to look forward to--Sonic Adventure, Shen Mue, Climax Landers, D2--will be the best the gaming industry has ever offered. We've already gotten started on Virtua Fighter 3TB, PenPen Tri-Icelon, Godzilla Generations, adn July. Congratulate yourself on finding an amazing oasis of resources and previews of this new miracle. You've got a lot to look forward to, and you can start right here. Let PyroGuy be your guide...



Sat, 11/28/98--The Dreamcast was finally released in Japan yesterday! Find out how much it sold in the NEWS section! Also, I have more screenshots of Project Berkley, renamed Shen Mue. This looks awesome!
Tues, 11/24/98--Three days until Dreamcast! There are a lot of little treats in store for today! First off, the NEWS section now has the offical prices of the Dreamcast with and without game(s) according to National Console Support. In the FEATURES section, there are now first screenshots of Yu Suzuki's upcoming masterpiece Project Berkley! I fixed the SCREENSHOTS section, also. And I've changed the look of this front page slightly to make it easier to navigate!
Sat, 11/21/98--Six days until the Dreamcast! There's a huge overhaul for the GAMES section, and now I have a list of every game planned for the DC, its developer, and when it's slated to be released!
Fri, 11/20/98--Only one more week until the Japanese release of the Dreamcast! Let's celebrate! I finally got around to one of my earliest plans--write on why I think the Saturn failed, the Playstation was so popular, and the Dreamcast will be a hit. I've put this in my newly added EDITORIALS section. Also, I've taken away the frames version because it realy wasn't much of a help. When I put it back it will be a lot better--for now you'll have to get by using the "back" button.
Wed, 11/18/98--I added many more screenshots for Virtua Fighter 3 TB and Sonic Adventure, both in the features section. Soon to come huge additions to the list of games.
Sat, 11/7/98--After three weeks of no updates, I've re-entered with a bang. I now have loads of new VF3TB screenshots. Apparently the older ones were from an incomplete version, because these new ones look better than the arcade! Check out the features section to see!
Older Updates

Project Berkley has been renamed Shen Mue, and more screenshots have been released! (click here for details)
The Dreamcast sold out on the first day of its release!(click here for details)
National Console Support released their initial prices for importing the Dreamcast from Japan to the USA.(click here for details)
Yu Suzuki is working on a Virtua Fighter RPG, codenamed Project Berkley, and this immense project has been in development for three years. (click here for details)
Sega has announced that Virtua Fighter 3 Team Battle, and Sega Rally 2, will be released on the Dreamcast. Screen shots have been released, and answered our prayers--the Dreamcast is truly arcade-perfect. (click here for details)
Loads of screen shots of Sonic Adventure have been popping up. This is the most detailed 3-D environment ever seen in a game. (click here for details)
Ending everyone's tension, Sega has confirmed that there are peripherals for the Dreamcast, including an arcade controller with six buttons and a joystick. No more fear of D-pad VF3!(click here for details)


Yu Suzuki's revolutionary groundbreaker!


Immensely realistic 3-D racing tracks!


The ultimate fighting game--DC screenshots!


The best Sonic to date!

Intersted in VF3TB? Click here for my huge Virtua Fighter-devoted page!

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