I got this off Ultra Game Players Online, from the E3 info, which I have a ton of links to in the (you guessed it) links section. Sega's new 128-bit DreamCast system will be released on November 20, 1998 in Japan, and third quarter 1999 on the US. DreamCast also will come with a PDA "visual memory system," (VMS) which can be used for saving data, loading data, or expanding memory, when hooked to the controller. It can also be used as an 8-bit handheld game system separately. The new console was unveiled at a press conference on Thursday, May 21. There was no playable version of any DreamCast games, but there was a demo of its capabilities. There were 3-D models of the faces of Sega's President Shoichiro Irimajiri and Bill Gates. When it launches in Japan, there will be five games released. Some will be by Sega, and some by third party publishers. Most likey, I think Virtua Fighter 3 and a trademark Sega racing game, or as I've heard lately, shooting, will be launch titles. By the time of its launch in the USA we should have 10-15 games for it.
CPU: Hitachi 128-bit graphics engine with an on-board SH4 RISC processor (operating frequency of 200MHz, 360 MIPS/1.4FLOPS).
Graphics Chip: NEC PowerVR Second Generation (rendering capacity: over 3 million polygons per second).
Sound Processor: Yamaha Super Intelligent Sound Processor (simultaneously produces 64 sounds).
Operating System: Customized OS using Windows CE as its base (Supports Direct X).
Main Memory: 16MB (8MB SD-RAM x 2).
CD-ROM Drive: 12-speed (Maximum).
On-board Modem: 33.6Kbps modem.
Controllers: Red, Yellow, Blue, and Grey.
"Visual Memory" (sold separately): A liquid-crystal display PDA for game data backup and data exchange.
Console Dimensions: 7 7/16" X 7. 11/16" X 3".
Weight: 4.4 lbs.
Price: TBA, rumored to come in under $300.
CPU: 8bit.
Memory: 128KByte.
Display (LCD): 48 dot by 32 dot Monochromatic liquid crystal display.
Display Size: 1 7/16" by 1".
Console Dimensions: 1 13/16" (W) X 3. 1/8" (H) X 5/8" (D).
Power Source: 2 Watch Batteries/has Auto Off Function.
Sound: PWM Sound Source 1ch.
Weight: 1.5 oz.

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