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Name:Aoi Umenokoji
Fighting Style:Aiki Ju-jutsu
Date of BirthMarch 14, 1979
Blood Type:A
Height162 cm
Weight:47 kg
Job:High School Student


Virtua Fighter 3 Storyline:The eldest daughter of a father who runs a famous martial arts studio. Her father and Akira's father are old friends, and their children have trained together since childhood. It was from Akira himself that Aoi's father learned of the tournament, and Aoi seemed very interested. Could Aoi and Akira be VF's first romance?


Outfit #1: A pink blouse that gets huge at the arms, with pastel pink and white flower designs on it. (What is it with VF3 and flowers?) Dark blue pants with darker vertical stripes, and very big bottoms.
Outfit #2: A dark blue and red blouse with more vivid flower designs, and purple/maroon pants with darker vertical stripes, getting big at the bottom.

A "snowfield." There's snowy grass with ringout space on one side and a fense around the rest; a stream runs under part of the fense and down craggy, snowy rocks under the grassy field. There are mountains in the background, also.

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