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Name:Akira Yuki
Hobby:Kung Fu
Fighting Style:Hakkyoku-ken/
Eight Extremes Fist
Date of Birth:September 23, 1968
Blood Type:O
Height:1.8 meters
Job:Kung Fu teacher
Weight:79 kg

Virtua Fighter 1 Storyline: Hakyoku-ken, one of the foremost Chinese martial arts. During the second world war, the Chinese army developed their own Hakkyoku-ken techniques to improve their infantry's fighting ability. Akira Yuki is the son of the man who developed these techniques. He serves as the assisant instructor at Yuki Budokan. Hot-blooded and impulsive by nature, he can also be anive and intemperate. After completing his training at his father's tutelage at the age of 23, he went on a quest to test his abilities. When he got word of this World Fighting Tournament, he decided to enter.
Virtua Fighter 2 Storyline: The only person to whom the ultimate martial art of Hakkyoku-ken is handed down. Realizing that the last time he lacked experience, Akira is now testing the results of last year's training and practice. During the last tournament, Akira was a bit too "enthusiastic," and his attitude was met with much disapproval. He was humiliated by Kage and bears a grudge against him.
Virtua Fighter 3 Storyline: After attaining the grand prize in the 2nd tournament, Akira returned home and proudly told his father of his victory. His father's terse response was, "Don't flatter yourself. You haven't mastered anything yet." From that very day, his father's severe training began again. In order to finally complete his training, and answer the question, "What is true strength?" Akira resolved to fight in the tournament once again.

Outfit #1: Blue and red gi, same as gi in VF2. Black slippers.
Outfit #2: Dark blue gi, similar to gi in VF1. Barefoot.


Wooden Dojo: Raised floors, barred walls on two sides, drop on other sides. Thick forest in background.

Basic Moves
Squatting Punchd+Plow10-1-149normal
Low Kickd+Klow14-1-2210normal
Mid Kickdf+Kmid14-2-2724stun

Special Moves
Dashing Elbowf,f+Pmid10-2-2420~40normal
Super Dashing Elbowf,f,f+Pmid10-2-2420~40stun/float
Hop Kickf,f+Kmid13-3-3220(30)float
Double Hop Kicksf,f+K,Kmid11-3-4120(30)+40[60(70)]knockdown
Dashing Palmd,f+Pmid11-2-26(28)20~65knockdown
Double Palmd,b,f+Pmid11-6-3330~70knockdown
Shoulder Floatd,f+P+Kmid14-1-3130float
Low Backhanddf+P+Klow25-2-2425normal
Standing Palmb,f+Phigh12-1-2420~64knockdown
Double-fist Strikeb,f+P+Kmid27-2-3155knockdown
Dodging Stun Palmb,f+P+K+Emid17-2-3732knockdown
Stun PalmP+K+Gmid19-2-3018preset/normal
Dragon Speardf+K+Gmid15-2-3219preset/normal
Sidearm Breakguardf+P+Ghigh12-1-1812unblockable/stun
Elbow Breakstanced+P+Gmid16-2-1712unblockable/stun
Rising KneeK+G,release Gmid15-2-3030float
Ground Punchdf+Pground17-2-4712knockdown
Dodging PunchP+Ehigh9-2-1212normal
Dodging KickK+Ehigh14-2-2325normal
Dodging Sidekickdf+K+Emid14-1-4223stun

Throws & In-close Moves
Trip & 3 PunchesP+Gthrow20-84-110+20+10[40]knockdown
Over the Shoulderdf+P+Gthrow16-64-120+30[50]knockdown
Surprise Exchangedb+P+Gthrow1-43-10stun
Reverse Bodycheckb,df+P+Gthrow20-7-4840stun
Shoulder Ramdb,f+P+Gthrow20-89-160{65}knockdown
Stumbling Tripb,d+P+Gthrow20-50-110stun
Close-in Ramb,f+P+Gthrow20-81-120+15+25[60]knockdown
Elbow RushP+Gside throw15-51-140knockdown
Big Finish Put DownP+Gback throw20-85-1(40)55knockdown
Wall Bodycheckdf+P+Gwall throw57-63-180knockdown

Turnaround Attacks
PunchP TThigh11-1-2112normal
Overhead Hammerd+P TTmid15-4-2014stun
PunchD+P TThigh15-1-2112stun
KickK TThigh14-3-2625normal
Low Kickd+K TTlow17-2-2010stun
SlideD+K TTlow15-3-3330stun

Punch Reversalb+P+Khigh14-16-4730knockdown
Punch Reversalb+P+Khigh11-20-2930knockdown
Kick Reversalb+P+Khigh19-15-2730knockdown
Elbow Reversaldb+P+Kmid12-15-3530knockdown
Knee Reversaldb+P+Kmid18-20-5830knockdown
Midkick Reversaldb+P+Kmid16-15-2830knockdown
Midkick Reversaldb+P+Kmid19-18-2630knockdown
Low Kick Reversald+P+Klow16-15-3130knockdown
Low Punch Reversald+P+Klow15-17-3530knockdown
Flipkick Reversalub+P+Kmid8-8-3630knockdown

Preprogrammed Combos
Punch, BodyblowP,Phigh,mid10-1-212+12[24]normal
Punch, KickP,Khigh,high12-2-2512+20[32]normal
Stun Palm, Reverse BodycheckP+K+G,b,df+P+Kmid,throw17-1-4918+26[44]normal
Stun Palm of Doom (SPoD)P+K+G,b,df+P+K,d/db/df,b/f+Pmid,throw,mid19-1-3418+26+42[86]knockdown
Dragon Spear, Elbowdf+K+G,f+Pmid,mid20-1-3219+20[39]normal
Dragon Lance Ceremony (DLC)df+K+G,f+P,b,f,f+P+Kmid,mid,mid11-1-4519+20+20~80[59~119]knockdown

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