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Freelance Guild

  Freelance Guild 

You are now on a webpage devoted to "Chron X" and the faction I'm in, in the game.  I am always looking for new members.  Hopefully the information here will help you if not you can ask me.

Chron X site
Message Board
VR Card List
R Card List
UC Card List
C Card List
Complete Card List

  The next is how I picture the Freelance Guild:

    Started over a millenium ago, the Freelance Guild has become known for its Honor and Courage.   Although all those in the guild are mercenaries, not all of them are what you would expect, most are of the Military type but not all, there are those select few who were once something else.
    Their stories and their histories are theirs to tell.  It should be noted that its concidered impolite to ask any personal questions of their prior exsistance, unless that person offers information first.  It signifies that "It doesn't matter where you came from, or what you did before.  You'll only be Judged for what you do after joining the Guild.

Bulletin Board


  Directly below us is a way to earn some cash while you surf the net.  These are the ones that sounded good to me.  All that you have to do is sign up (for free), download the browser and start surfing.  These link's may make it a little easier to buy something in the future.  I hope these along with everything else throughout my pages can be of assistance to you.

"As always"

Trace Magus


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