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Solitary Sabbat Rituals

Here are some Sabbat Rituals. these are a small variety -- A few have the same theme and the rest don't. I like a variety because it spices things up.

They are ok to use, because most of them are traditional. It would be nice if you could write your own, creating your own (special) personal connection with the deities, but we all know writing personal rituals isn't always possible; So use these as examples. If you must feel free to use them to perform your Sabbat rituals.

The Simple Feast Is Used to Bless Your Cakes and Ale Before You Eat Them.

The Simple Feast

Solitary Samhain Ritual

Solitary Yule Ritual

Solitary Imbolc Ritual

Solitary Ostara Ritual

Solitary Beltane Ritual

Solitary Litha (Midsummer)Ritual

Solitary Lammas Ritual

Solitary Mabon Ritual

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