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Pagan Links By State


Alabama Student Groups

  • Pantheon (Auburn University)
  • The Grove (University of Southern Alabama) Can't find a website



    Arizona Student Groups

  • Arizona Student Pagans (University of Arizona)
  • Pagans and Associates Network (Arizona State University)


    Arkansas Student Groups

  • Student Pagan Association (University of Arkansas)


    California Student Groups

  • Clannade (California State University, Chico)
  • Van Nuys High School Pagan Club - No website, meets thursday in room 420, contact Mr. Abreu (Van Nuys)

    California Stores

  • PanPipes (Hollywood)


    Colorado Student Groups

  • Boulder Pagan Student Alliance
  • Pagans and Friends (University of Denver) No website
  • Pagan Student Alliance (Colorado State University, Fort Collins)


  • Connecticut Wiccan & Pagan Network

    Connecticut Student Groups

  • Pagan Organization for Diverse Spirituality (University of Connecticut)


  • Keepers of the Holly Chalice


  • Wiccan Religious Cooperation of Florida (Orlando)

    Florida Student Groups

  • Pagan Student Alliance (Florida Atlantic University
  • Pagan Student Association (Florida State University)
  • Green Earth Fellowship (University of West Florida)
  • Wiccan/Pagan Student Association (Valencia Community College)

    Florida Festivals

  • Florida Pagan Gathering


    Georgia Student Groups

  • Student Pagan Community (Georgia Tech, Atlanta)
  • Pagan Student Association (University of Georgia, Athens)

    Georgia Stores

  • Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore (Atlanta)


  • Pagan Unity Campaign, Hawaii Chapter


    Idaho Student Groups

  • Boise State Witches and Pagans (208) 899-2764


  • Midwest Pagan Council (Chicago area)

    Illinois Student Groups

  • Society of Metaphysical Advancement (Eastern Illinois University)
  • Circle of the White Rose (Chicago Area College Students)


    Indiana Student Groups

  • Pagan Academic Network (Purdue University, Lafayette)

    Indiana Festivals

  • Pan Pagan Festival (Knox)

    Iowa add your group

  • Iowa Pagan Census
  • Iowa Pagan Access Network
  • Cedar Rapids Pagan Community (Cedar Rapids)
  • Siouxland First Wiccan Congregation (Sioux City)
  • WindFyre (Sioux City)
  • Church of the Sacred Grove (Des Moines)
  • Sisters of the Goddess (Des Moines)
  • Iowa Pagan Parents
  • Family Pagan Picnics (Boone, Iowa City, Quad Cities, Fairfield/Ottumwa)
  • Family Centered Seasonal Celebrations in Central Iowa
  • Circle of the Prairie Witch (Northwest Iowa)
  • Hindu Temple Association of Eastern Iowa

    Iowa Student Groups

  • SPIRAL(U of Iowa)
  • Circle of the Pagan Moon (Central College, Pella)
  • Iowa State's Pagan Group
  • Grinnell Pagan Discussion Circle
  • Hindu Students Council - University of Iowa
  • Coven of the Triple Goddess (Glenbrook/Reinbeck High School)
  • Sanctuary (Cornell College) Can't find a website

    Iowa Stores

  • The Wishing Realm (Cedar Rapids)
  • Whispering Winds (Cedar Rapids)
  • Gypsy Magic (Iowa City)
  • Ancient Ways (Des Moines)
  • 3 Goddesses (Davenport)

    Iowa Festivals

  • Iowa pagan Music Festival (Cedar Rapids)
  • Lammas Fest (Iowa City/Coralville/North Liberty)
  • Samhain 2006 (Linn County/Marion/Cedar Rapids)
  • IPAN Symposium (West Branch/Iowa City)


  • Gaia Community(Shawnee Mission)

    Kansas Student Groups

  • Wiccan Pagan Alliance (University of Kansas, Lawrence)
  • KSU Pagan Student Group (Kansas State University, Manhattan)
  • JCCC PAW (Johnson County Community College, Overland Park)
  • True Believers (Washburn, Topeka)
  • Pagan Students Unite (Wichita State University) No web site




    Maine Student Groups

  • CIRCLE (Colby College, Waterville)">


  • Cedar Light Grove

    Maryland Student Groups

  • Pagan Student Union (University of Maryland)

    Maryland Stores

  • The Crystal Fox (Laurel)

    Maryland Festivals

  • Free Spirit Pagan Gathering


    Massachusetts Student Groups

  • MIT Pagan Students' Group (MIT)
  • SPIRALS (University of Massachusetts)
  • Nemeton (Boston University)
  • Association of Smith Pagans (Smith College)
  • Pagan Students Group (Wellesley) send email

    Massachusetts Stores

  • Bones and Flowers (Worcester)


    Michigan Student Groups

  • Open Grove Society (Central Michigan University)
  • Full Moon Circle (Wayne State University)
  • MIT Pagan Students' Group
  • Alpha Delta Morning Star (Saginaw Valley State University)
  • Pagan Moon (Northern Michigan University)
  • Green Spiral (Michigan State University)
  • University of Michigan Pagan Student Alliance send email


  • Twin Cities CUUPS

    Minnesota Student Groups

  • Minneapolis University Pagan Society



  • Ozark Avalon (Boonville)
  • Diana's Grove (Salem)

    Missouri Student Groups

  • Sacred Ways of the Earth (University of Missouri, Columbia MO)
  • Silver Crescent (Washington University, St. Louis)
  • EARTH (University of Missouri, St. Louis)
  • Cape Grove (South East Missouri State University)

    Missouri Stores

  • Aluuna's Wind (Lees Summit)


    Montana Student Groups

  • POWERS (University of Montana, Missoula)


  • Order of the Red Grail (Lincoln)

    Nebraska Stores

  • Magical Omaha (Omaha)


    New Hampshire

  • Spiraling Shadows (Farmington)

    New Jersey

  • Hearth of Tyr's Hand

    New Jersey Student Groups

  • RU Pagan Student Association (Rutgers University)
  • Atlantic Cape Community College Wiccans (May's Landing)
  • Gaia's Gate (Millstone)

    New Mexico

  • First Congregational Church of the Old Religion (Albuquerque)
  • Our Lady of the Woods (Los Alamos)
  • Ardantane, Pagan Seminary (Jemez Springs)
  • Holly and Ivy (Portales)

    New Mexico Stores

  • Blue Eagle Book Shoppe (Albuquerque)

    New Mexico Based Charities

  • Silver Moon Health Services

    New York

  • New York Pagan Resource Guide

    New York Student Groups

  • Student Earth-based Religion Alliance (Cornell)
  • NYU Pagans
  • SUNY Pagan Alliance
  • Organization of Witches and Earth Religions (Stony Brook University)
  • Hindu Students Organization (Columbia University)

    New York Stores

  • Crescent Moon Goddess (Hichsville)
  • The Dreaming Goddess (Poughkeepsie)

    North Carolina

  • North Carolina Piedmont Church of Wicca

    North Dakota


  • 6th Night Grove, ADF (Dayton)
  • Fly By Night Pagan College Scholarships

    Ohio Student Groups

  • Pagan Student Association (Ohio State University, Columbus)
  • Pagan Student Association (Ohio State University, Marion)
  • Kent NeoPagan Coalition (Kent State University)
  • Miami University Pagan Student Association

    Ohio Stores

  • Fly By Night Bookstore (Columbus)
  • The Enchanted Hourglass (Xenia)

    Ohio Festivals

  • Pagan Spirit Gathering (Southeast Ohio)


    Oklahoma Student Groups

  • Pagan Student Association (Oklahoma State University


    Oregon Student Groups

  • Student Pagan Association (Rogue Community College, Grants Pass)
  • Pagan Student Union (University of Oregon) Could not find contact info


    Rhode Island

    South Carolina

    South Dakota


  • Summerland Grove (Memphis)


  • Betwixt & Between Pagan Community Center (Dallas)
  • Re-formed Church of the Goddess (San Antonio)

    Texas Student Groups

  • Pagan Student Association (Texas A&M, College Station)
  • Student Pagan Association (Sam Houston State University (Huntsville)
  • PATHS (Southern Methodist University)

    Texas Stores

  • Witches Cabinet (Katy)




    Virginia Student Groups

  • Nature Spirit (University of Virginia)


    West Virginia


  • Circle Sanctuary (Barneveld/Mt Horeb)


    Last Updated: November 10, 2005

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