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Famous Modern Pagans

The following is a list of famous people from the past... 100 years give or take, who are Pagan. I have confirmed most of them from reliable sources. There may be many more out there who have not publically stated their beliefs, but I require more than just rumours.

Many of these people are not Wiccan, so please do not claim that they are if you link to this page or such. It just gets too confusing to have even more rumours flying about. They all fit into the umbrella category of "Pagan" which includes Asatru, Celtic traditions, African traditions, etc. Please use this term as such.

* = recent additions to the list


*Alejandro Jodorowsky (Filmmaker, Author)
Adam Henderson (Musician)
*Aldous Huxley (Author)
Alice Walker (Author)
Allison Hannigan (Actress)
*Arun John (Author)
Audre Lorde (Author, Activist)
*Avram Davidson (Author)
Avril Lavigne (Singer)
*Brian Walsh (Screenwriter)
Brigitte Nielsen (Actress)
Camille Paglia (Author, Columnist, Feminist)
Candia Ridley (Musician)
*Chas S. Clifton (Sociologist)
Chelsea Quinn Yarbo (Author)
Chrissie Hynde (Singer, Songwriter)
*Claudia Pastorino (Italian Pop Singer)
Cletus T Judd (Singer, Comedian)
Cree Summer AKA Cree Summer-Francks (Actress, Singer)
Cybill Shepherd (Actress)
*Cynthia Joyce Clay (Author)
*D T Steiner (Author)
*David J Rust (Journalist)
Deborah Harry (Singer, Actress)
Deepak Chopra (Author)
Diana Paxson (Author)
Don Francks (Actor)
*Eric Steven Raymond (Computer Programmer, Author)
Erica Jong (Author)
Fairuza Balk (Actress)
Fiona Horne (Musician)
Florence Farr (Actress)
*Franz Bardon (Magician)
Fred Durst (Musician) Raised Wiccan
Fritz Leiber (Author)
Gabriel Byrne (Actor)
Gael Baudino (Author)
*George Lucas (Director)
George Takei (Actor)
*H P Lovecrat (Author)
Hayao Miyazaki (Writer, Director)
Hiroshi Inagaki (Actor, Director)
Ian Anderson (Musician)
*J M DeMatteis (Author)
*Jeanne Robinson (Author)
Jeff McBride (Magician)
Jimmy Page (Musician)
*Jonathon Barry (Author)
Juzo Itami (Director)
Karri Allrich (Author)
Kate Orman (Author)
*Kathryn A Graham (Author)
*Kim Stanley Robinson (Author) 
Louise Robey (Actress)
Luisah Teish (Author)
*M Night Shyamalan (Screenwriter, Director)
Maggie Shayne (Author)
*Margot Adler (Author, Journalist, NPR Correspondent) 
Marianne Williamson (Author)
*Marion Woolley (Columnist, Runs Cardiff's Deaf Theatre)
*Maya Deren (Filmmaker)
Mercedes Lackey (Author)
*Michael McKenny (Author)
Michael Tobias (Producer, Director)
Michelle Morgan (Sting's Consultant)
*Morwynn Rooke (Poet)
Nicola Griffith (Author)
Oberon Zell-Ravenheart (Activist)
Olympia Dukakais (Actress)
Pallavi Kasliwal (Magician)
Patricia Kennealy Morrison (Author)
*Patrick Califia (Author)
Rachel Hunter (Supermodel, Actress)
Rainbow Sun Francks (Actor)
Reg Keating (Musician)
Richard Gear (Actor)
*Robert Graves (Poet, Historian)
Robert Plant (Musician)
Robin Tunney (Actress)
*Ronald Hutton (Historian)
Roseanne Barr (Actress)
Rosemary Edghill (Author)
Sirona Knight (Author)
*Somerset Maugham (Author)
Starhawk (Author)
Stephen Grundy (Author)
Storm Constantine (Author)
Sully Erna (Musician)
Susan Griffin (Artist)
Sybil Leek (Author, Famous Red Cross Worker)
Tamora Pierce (Author)
Terry Pratchett (Author)
Timothy Leary (Psychologist, Philosopher, Author)
Tony McKormack (Musician)
Vanessa Carlton (Singer)
Vigo Mortensen (Actor)
Virginia Woolf (Author)(used the term neo-Pagan to describe herself)
W. Somerset Maugham (Author)
Wendy Rule (Singer)
William Butler Yeats (Poet)
*William S. Burroughs (Author, Poet, Actor)
Yoko Ono (Musician)
Z. Budapest (Author)


Sarah McLachlan (She has stated that she's not Christian nor Jew...)
Stevie Nicks (has stated that she is not a witch, but has not
    specifically identified her religious beliefs)
John McVie
Larry Byrd
Lisa Bonet (practiced an American Indian belief system, may still)
Erykah Badu (Makes references to multiple gods)
Goldie Hawn
Kate Hudson
Tori Amos
Patrick Stewart
Dar Williams
Marianne Faithfull (Has spent a lot of time with Pagans)
Joe Pesci
Sandra Bullock (It has been claimed that E! stated that she converted 
    to Wicca after Practical Magic, I can't find the segment though)
Gwen Stefani
Britney Spears (Rumours began in 2005, she has made suggestive comments,
    but I can't find a confirmation)
Marlon Brando (claims combination of East Asian, Native American,
    Polynesian, Voudon, etc. influences in his religion and philosophy,
    but adhered to no one religion)
Gina Gershon (once said she was a witch, unknown if this was literal or

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