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You Know You Love Esmeraude

Too Much When:

You become Mr. Donut's best customer

You insult and torture every red-headed male you know.

Your main accessory is a red fuzzy fan.

You go to yodeling school just to learn that awesome laugh.

People tell you to shut up when you laugh.

You watch both versions just to see her.

You find that white hair is suddenly very becoming on men.

You play one of those crane games to no end just because it has a red fan as one of the prizes.

You discover the thrills of colored contacts…and make sure you get a chocolate brown pair in the process.

Your urge to stuff yourself with pastries becomes more and more frequent.

You read this list.

You printed off this list and hung it right above your door.

You die your hair lime-green.

You despise rabbits.

Your geeky intellectual cousin starts to annoy you.

You ask your geeky cousin to make you crystal statuettes of yourself.

Being bossy occurs more naturally to you.

You tease your geeky cousin about being paranoid.

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