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A truly evil figure, Wiseman seems to be a sort of counselor to Prince Dimando and the Blackmoon family, but in reality, he is really a powerful demon known as the Death Phantom, whose objective goal is to completely neutralize the universe reverting it to complete and utter darkness. He was a master of mind games which included manipulation, brainwashing and prophetic visions. His knowledge of the jakoushiou was incredible, and one by one, the members of the Blackmoon family fell, including Prince Dimando. He was defeated (yay!) by the two crystals of Neo-Queen Selenity and Princess Selenity of the future. He often appeared as a cloaked figure to hide his original form.

Esmeraude didn't deal much with the Wiseman directly, until her love for Dimando clouded her thinking and she went to him for help in gaining his affections. As we all know, Wiseman lied to her and gave her a tiara, turning her into a dragon as an experiment for a further endeavor (Probably Black Lady!). Though she died soon afterwards, I bet the entire time when she was a dragon she was thinking about ways to get back at the creep and smashing that crystal ball of his. Actually, for that matter…I would too.

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