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Why Esmeraude?


Yes, this is a shrine to Esmeraude…you know, the green-haired beauty oftentimes sharing the screen with two bishonen? Oh, I see. Too busy looking at the bishonen. Well, I don't blame you…they are a mighty yummy pair of brothers, and for awhile I was interested in them too. I still am interested. But for some odd reason or another, right now, my main interest is Esmeraude.

Why? I really can't explain it. There is absolutely nothing about Esmeraude that I can empathize with, That in itself is odd since I'm drawn to characters that remind me of myself, or share a trait similar to mine.

I think my attraction to this particular character has something to do with her lack of development. Out of all the Sailormoon villains, I think that Esmeraude's character(along with Jadeite's and Nehelenia's) has never really been explored. Most people view her as a shallow, narcisstic little bitch who only cares about herself and the White Prince.

From what people have seen of her, I can see where they're coming from. She IS narcisstic, she IS vain, and she CAN be a royal pain in the ass.

However, I personally believe that despite her shallowness, there is still more to her than meets the eye. In this shrine, I hope to share with you some missing pieces to Esmeraude's persona, including some facts and speculations as to why she behaves the way she does in hopes that people might have a little bit more respect for this character.

And maybe after a while, you can grow to love her too.

After all, who else could laugh like that?

Written: 08/24/99
Modifed: 10/07/99

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