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Seiyuu tidbits

Seiyuu Tidbits

I figured that I should include a small page on Esmeraude's seiyuu, especially since they're the ones who brought Esmeraude to life and got me interested in this particular character

NA seiyuu: Kirsten Bishop

Unlike most people, I think that Kirsten Bishop plays a wonderful Emerald. Though her voice can be a little too deep at times, she sure as heck makes up for it with that laugh of hers! I think that casting Kirsten as Zoycite was a big mistake, and I'm glad she got to redeem herself by playing Emerald. She's also done several commercials in Canada as well.

JA seiyuu: Koyama Mami

Koyama Mami has been around for awhile (she did Minky Momo of Fenarinaasa in the anime 'Minky Momo') so it's not surprising that she played Esmeraude so fantastically. Her voice is rather high-pitched like most anime voices are, but she still manages to lower it enough to sound like a 24-year old and not a 14 year old, which seems to be no easy task considering the overall pitch of anime voices. Mami also has a really wicked laugh too…I absolutely love it! Click here* to see what other characters she's done!

*Info supplied by Hitoshi Doi's Seiyuu Database

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