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Esmeraude says--

Esmeraude says:

(A bunch of quotes that define our goddess)

"Our glorious family doesn't need such an incompetent person as you. You can disappear along with this ship."--Esmeraude to Rubius after his battle ended in failure, Episode 74

"Dimando-sama is wonderful…his every word sounds like a beautiful poem." --Esmeraude thinking about Dimando, Episode 75

"I am now in command of that, not Rubius! I will not fail as Rubius did." Esmeraude to Dimando, Episode 75

"Oh, my cheeks are covered with it!" --Esmeraude talking about the cakes she gobbled down at the bakery, Episode 76

"I've embarrassed myself in front of these primitive 20th century women!" --Esmeraude kicking herself for getting sidetracked by the bakery's cakes, Episode 76

"Ah, you're the infamous Sailor Soldiers? No way! Little girls with flat chests and straight hips?" --Esmeraude's reaction to her first sighting of the Sailor Senshi, Episode 76

"Now listen up! I am the highest executive of the Dark World family, Blackmoon! I control the 20th century! And I am the highest ranking and strongest woman in the world whom all the men obey! I am Esmeraude! --Esmeraude lashes back after being called 'Oba-san' by Jupiter, Episode 76

"Prince Dimando-sama…I want to hurry back to your side, I want to bury myself in your arms." --Esmeraude misses Dimando, Episode 77

"Beauty is such a crime." --Esmeraude reflecting on the people who were laughing at her, Episode 79

"I'm not a lamp post!" --Esmeraude yelling at the dog who peed on her shoe, Episode 79

"Bravo!" --Esmeraude gets a kick out of the posessed animals, Episode 79

"Help the enemy escape? Why would I want to do that?" --Esmeraude feigns innocence to Saffir after letting Tuxedo Kamen and Sailormoon escape, Episode 83

"What! That's ridiculous! Even Wiseman is more attractive than her!" --Esmeraude gets snippity when Saffir tells her that Dimando is smitten with Neo-Queen Selenity, Episode 84

"But to win Dimando-sama's heart, I'd work with the Devil himself." --Esmeraude's final decision towards the gamble involving Wiseman and his promise to make her queen, Episode 84

"Damn you, Wiseman!" --Esmeraude cursing out the Wiseman after tricking her, Episode 84

"Dimando-sama" --Esmeraude's last words, Episode 84

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