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Offerings --fan-created work

Offerings --Fan-created work

It's about time I got this section up…but I need some help from other fans to fill it up! Surely there's other people out there who appreciate our green goddess. Send your poems, fanart, fiction, love letters *giggle* to me and I will post it! When I get enough stuff, this will branch into different areas! J

Click here to see Esmeraude in her element! Drawing courtesy of Pegakiss

Elektra (that's me!) has written a little short story from Esmeraude's point of view entitled:
It Wasn't Supposed to End This Way

Yippee! Hyacynth wrote a *very good* fan-fic concerning our darling Esmeraude. Click here to read 'Saline At The Center'

Ooooh, Quicksilver wrote a fantastic Esmeraude fic too! The symbolism in it is strong...I almost missed it myself. Anyways, go and read: Green Lady

I've always been a sucker for desktop backgrounds and I've made a desktop theme. The background is of the glamour-puss herself, the icons feature the prominent members of the Blackmoon family, and the cursor is the inverted crescent. Click here to download it. If you have any problems, just e-mail me.

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