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The Language of the Fan

The Language of the Fan

We all know how much Esmeraude loves her fuzzy red fans. But did you know that she could also be communicating by way of them? That her red fans have a language all their own? It's true. Fenella, a Spaniard who published fifty ways to communicate with a fan in Spanish, first brought the language of the fan to light. Here's the partial list in English. Feel free to print this off and see if you can catch Esmeraude doing any of these. ^^;

Carrying in right hand in front of face:Follow me

Carrying in left hand in front of face: Desirous of acquaintance

Placing it on left ear: I wish to get rid of you

Drawing it across the forehead: You have changed

Twirling it in the left hand: We are watched

Carrying it in the right hand: You are too willing

Drawing through the hand: I hate you

Twirling in the right hand: I love another

Drawing across the cheek: I love you

Presented shut: Do you love me?

Drawing across the eyes: I am sorry

Touching tip with finger: I wish to speak with you

Letting it rest on right cheek: Yes

Letting it rest on left cheek: No

Open and shut: You are cruel

Dropping it: We will be friends

Fanning slowly: I am married

Fanning quickly: I am engaged

With handle to lips: Kiss me

Open wide: Wait for me

Carrying in left hand, open: Come and talk to me

Placed behind head: Don't forget me

With little finger extended: Good-bye

The shut fan held to the heart: You have won my love

The shut fan resting on the right eye: When may I be allowed to see you?

Touching the unfolded fan in the act of waving: I long always to be near thee

Threaten with the shut fan: Do not be so imprudent

Gazing pensively at the shut fan: Why do you misunderstand me?

Pressing the half-opened fan to the lips: You may kiss me

Clasping the hands under the open fan: Forgive me I pray you

Cover the left ear with the open fan: Do not betray out secret

Shut the fully opened fan very slowly: I promise to marry you

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