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Esmeraude and Kiryuu Nanami

Esmeraude and Kiryuu Nanami

This comparison I didn't see coming. I have been so enthralled with Utena lately and drooling over Mikage, that I didn't see another comparison right underneath my eyes. The crafty and selfish blonde is strikingly very similar to Esmeraude in a number of ways…

  1. The laugh. I'm sure that anyone else who's seen Utena will agree with me that Nanami has a very shrill, very distinctive laugh. The style of it is almost exactly like Esmeraude's except for the fact that it lacks a bit of power behind it, as if she's constantly nervous.
  2. The mind. Nanami's mind is full of revenge and ridiculously lethal plots to destroy those who oppose her and/or her big brother Touga. Though we don't get to see it that often, Esmeraude is the same way. They both uknowingly make things harder for themselves then they have to and both have rotten luck with their plots, which oftentimes just backfire. They are also both unbelievably selfish and if they ever DO get anything done, it's out of pure tenacity.
  3. Hero worship. To Nanami, Touga is everything. Everything that Nanami does is for her big brother. She positively worships the ground he walks on. Much could be said for Esmeraude. Though she often thinks of herself, she also often tries to please Dimando as much as she can. Both of them are often viewed as utterly insane and complex creatures, as they oftentimes drop their own beliefs and behave as their respective idol would want them to. Nothing else matters, except for their own personal happiness, and the happiness of the ones they hold dear.

Okay, so that was a little short. But I didn't want to write it in essay form because I suck at writing essays. So until next time….

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