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Esmeraude & Kaolinite

This was the pair that started my entire ‘Comparison’ section. Want to find out why I think they’re so much alike, read below:

Their duds were the first similarity I noticed between the two. When I saw Kaolinite for the first time, I was mildly surprised that someone could surpass our green goddess in the skimpy clothing department. I mean, I thought her chest was going to fall right out of that short red dress of hers! The only difference that I could say between the two, was that Kaolinite’s dress revealed her figure, while Esmeraude’s dark green dress, gloves, and boots enhanced hers.

The similarities didn’t stop there though. I noticed several aspects of their personalities that coincided with each other’s. One being their affection for certain white-haired bishonen who were their superiors. Kaolinite’s love for Professor Tomoe was very similar to Esmeraude’s love for Prince Dimando. They both worshipped their respective crush with poorly concealed affection, and both Tomoe and Dimando didn’t even notice, or weren’t even aware of their subordinates obvious love for them, even when they died. After Kaolinite’s second death, Professor Tomoe brushed it off entirely and immediately focused all of his attention on pleasing Mistress 9 without any remorse or thought. Dimando’s reaction to Esmeraude’s death was very similar too. ‘Esmeraude?’ was his only thought before turning back to his plans to destroy Earth.

Oho,’s another little tidbit. Both could be rather nasty to certain others they worked with or resided with. In my opinion, Esmeraude did not like Saffir, but tolerated him since he was Dimando’s little brother. Same could go for Kaolinite. She did not like Hotaru one bit, but could be civil with her at times. Probably due to the fact that she was the Professor’s little daughter.

Yet another thing is the attitude. Both could be really malicious at times, and both have hot tempers. If I took a drink for every time I catch one of them grinding their teeth in anger, I’d be drunker than Nephrite. Although I will admit that Esmeraude-sama has a harder time controlling hers. While we're on the topic of attitude...I might as well mention their laugh! We know Esmeraude has an unmistakable, oftentimes annoying laugh, but Kaolinite’s is not much better. It’s high pitched and sort of airy, while Esmeraude’s is more maniacal.

All in all, they are much alike. Though this is going to sound weird, I think they would have lots to talk about...and as a result, probably could have been great friends if they were given the chance to meet.

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