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Esmeraude & scarlett o' hara

Esmeraude & Scarlett o' Hara

Well, here's an interesting pair. I just got done reading Gone With The Wind, and for some reason, Scarlett reminded me of our goddess Esmeraude. Sound strange? Well, maybe to you it is, but I personally find them quite alike.

The first thing that came to my mind on their similarity was the attitude! Scarlett was oftentimes very cocky and flirtatious, especially around men. Only around Ashley Wilkes did she find herself floundering for words and appearing more demure. It was obvious that she was very infatuated with him, just as most people view Esmeraude's affection for Dimando. Both Scarlett and Esmeraude would stop to no end to gain their crush's attention, the former even marrying a guy she didn't love just to spite Ashley for all the anguish he caused her.

Another thing is their lack of girlfriends. It was often said that Scarlett had no girlfriends (save perhaps Melanie), nor desired them. As far as I know, Esmeraude wasn't much for girlfriends either, at least judging from what little screen time of her I saw.

Also, both are very stubborn and sly…their plans oftentimes have loopholes in them, but they often get things done just by sheer force of will. Their tongues were also barbed with malicious comments, and their tempers would flare up unexpectedly.

Another thing is that they viewed an innocent and trusting person (Melanie and Usagi) as their rivals during their crushes on Dimando and Ashley. Poor ladies.

Well, another comparison has ended, it's essay poorly done. But I really can't help it…essay writing and English are not my strong points.

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