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What would an Esmeraude shrine be without looking at her relationship with Dimando? I'm going to go in a lot of gushing and extra detail here…but Dimando IS Esmeraude's love after all. So please bear with me. J

Prince Dimando was the vengeful (and very attractive I might add) leader of the invasion from Nemesis whose hopes and dreams were once very just. He was a priest of the ideal; but time and the treacherous Wiseman had corrupted his once pure and idealistic dreams to warped visions of revenge and destruction of the earth, as well as ignorance to his own family of Nemesis. His obsession with the Neo-Queen didn’t help much for his plans either. It took Safir’s death at the hands of the Wiseman to really shake him up, and even then, he went on with Wiseman’s plans with the help of Black Lady. After seeing the Wiseman in his true form, he realizes that he had been going about this the wrong way, and dies protecting Sailormoon from Wiseman’s attack.

White hair, purple eyes, yummy cape, cool manner---why wouldn’t Esmeraude love this guy? I know that most people viewed her love for Dimando as shallow…but I think otherwise. Have you seen how much she blushes whenever he tells her to stop that laugh of hers, or criticize her for not doing well on a mission? She practically has her heart written on her face, and from what I’ve seen of her (and I’ve seen a lot) she would do anything for this guy. She makes up excuses for Dimando as to why he’s not returning her affections. To top it off, she abandons her dignity and pays a visit to the Wiseman (gods, I hate this guy) who tells her untrue visions and deceives her…using her only for an experiment and she ends up dead.

I think that there’s a tiny-bit something more here than just jealousy.

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