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Cooan & Esmeraude

Cooan & Esmeraude

Brace yourself for another comparison folks! A nice person in my guestbook brought it to my attention that Cooan was a lot like our lime-haired chica, and after some researching and re-watching of the Ayakashi episodes, I agree that he's got a point.

Now this is purely my opinion, but I really think that Cooan is a younger version of Esmeraude. For one thing, she is obsessed with herself and her appearance, especially her face, and insists that she is the cutest and prettiest sister. Much like Esmeraude's first speech to the Pretty Soldiers. And much like Esmeraude, she does have a temper! When she crashed into Yuuchiro upon exiting the mall, I could easily see Esmeraude acting very similar. Especially when Cooan beat Yuuchiro in the head with her shopping bag. *g*

And of course, how can we look over their love for their superiors? If Esmeraude had been closer to Cooan's age, I have no doubt that she'd look a Dimando the way Cooan looked at Rubius. The scene when Cooan gives Rubius the cologne comes to mind, because Cooan's face was so full of hero worship. Esmeraude's age gives her a bit more dignity and pride than Cooan, at least in her crush's presence, but when she's alone, or sometimes with Saffir, she looks much like a frustrated little girl again. In other words, a lot like Cooan.

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