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Basic Stats and Info

Basic Stats and Info

Name: Esmeraude
Age: 24
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140
Favorite Color: Yellow-green
Favorite Stone: Emerald
Favorite Food: Cakes & Pastries
Hobbies: Lusting over Dimando, torturing Rubeus, admiring herself.

My fan's just so cool...

After Rubeus and his UFO went down in flames, Esmeraude took over his coveted position. Armed with a sharp tongue and a maniacal laugh to rival Professor Tomoe, she set out to try her luck.

Esmeraude did something completely different. Disguising herself as a human, she opted to open the Black Gate by putting a dark crystal figurine over each of the negative points in Tokyo. If all went well, each figurine would absorb the negative energy in that area and eventually open the Black Gate so that the Black Moon Family could destroy the Earth.

Alas, things did not work out for Esmeraude. Besides the fact of the annoying Sailor Soldiers who botched every single one of her attacks, she was desperately in love with Dimando who only had eyes for Neo-Queen Selenity.

Her passion for Dimando was so strong that she eventually went to the Wiseman for advice on how to gain Dimando's affections. Seizing the chance, Wiseman deceives Esmeraude and tells her that she will be Queen of the Black Moon and rule with Dimando. As a kind of talisman against any doubt she might have, he gave her a black tiara, which filled her body with dark power.

The power of the tiara proves too much for Esmeraude, and she turns into a powerful green dragon, whom Sailormoon eventually defeats, turning Esmeraude into her old self. She is then sucked into oblivion. Her last cry is for Dimando.

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