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A Multi-faceted Gem of Nemesis

As you know from the previous article 'Gemstone Analysis' you know that the stone of Emerald can mean either of three signs. Emerald is the stone for Cancer, but it is also the stone for the month of May--which harbors the two signs Taurus and Gemini. Which sign(s) would fit her? Let's take a look at some basic characteristics of the three--

Cancer-- People born under this sign are truly gentlefolk and possess qualities such as sensitivity, and an understanding and motherly nature, as well as infinite patience. Cancerians also have low self-esteem, can be rather lazy and tend to cry a lot.

Taurus-- Truly the sign of the bull, people born under this sign have many admirable characteristics such as tenacity and reliability. They also are very stubborn and proud. They hate to admit it when they are wrong, and dislike being contradicted.

Gemini-- People born under the sign of the twins are very versatile indeed. Usually intelligent and quick-witted, they adapt to almost any situation, and love to make use of their intellect. They also are prone to being superficial, impatient, and two-faced.

Now this is purely MHO, but I think Esmeraude's all three. Like those under the sign of the crab, she is highly sensitive, especially about her age and appearance, and her feelings for Dimando. She's also very rash…remember that scene with the Wiseman? She's also a bit like Taurus…she's very proud, and hates to be told that she failed, or corrected. Anyone who makes her look dumb is on her hitlist. Last, but not least, she's a Gemini. She can be very superficial and can't make up her mind in wanting to rule the entire world or serving her Prince.

Exhaustive individual, isn't she?

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