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Descendants of James L. Coonts

Generation No. 1

1. JAMES L.1 COONTS was born May 16, 1807, in Bristol, Washington County, Virginia and both of his parents are from PA. He died September 15, 1888 in Douglas County, MO. He is buried in New Hope Cem. Douglas County, Missouri. He was married to ELIZABETH NOBLE May 29, 1838 by Eli Fleming, a justice of the peace in Parke County, Indiana.

Notes for JAMES L. COONTS:

1840 Census of the United States has James L. Coonts, wife, and son listed in Parke County, Indiana. James L. Coonts and sons Austin and Clark were in the Civil War, Douglas County, Missouri Home Guard. The name Coonts was spelled Coants on the Civil War Records for Austin, Clark, and James L.

About 1850's and early 60's much unrest and many disagreements were developing over slavery. On July 28, 1861, Captain John Sevier Upshaw organized his independent cavalry into the Douglas County Home Guards with headquarters in the little log courthouse at Vera Cruz. This unit consisted of Seventy-Five loyal men. Their names are as follows: (August 7, 1861)

Captain John S. Upshaw, 1st Lt. William Alsup, 2nd Lt. Robert Hicks, 1st Sgt. Charles Hopper, 2nd Sgt. Benjamin Robinett, Men: Benjamin Alsup, SR., Benjamin Alsup, Jr., John B. Alsup, James S. Alsup, Zachariah Alsup, Moses L. Alsup, T S Alsup, John B. Bales, Barnett Bales, Richard Belchar, Stephen Burris, William Gotts, John Gotts, James Gott, James L. Coants, Austin Coants, Clark Coants, Richard Dobbs, James Dobbs William Dobbs, W N Dodson, F N Fitchwaters, Isaac Fleetwood, Preston Fleetwood, Jackson Fleetwood, James Hedric, Smith Hatfield, George Hawkins, Monroe Hawkins, Andy Henderson, Asaac (Issac) Hicks, Richard Holloway, John Holloway, William Hopper, Riley Hicks, William Hicks, John Hicks, John H. Hicks, William House, Thomas Livingston, George Marshall, James I. Mont, Benjamin C. Perkins, George Potter, Joshua Reed, Robert Riley, Washington Riley, Marion F. Ross,

George W. Ross, Thomas Smith, James Smith, Absolom Sweeton, SR., William Sweeton, Absolom Sweeton JR., Charles Trueblook, Francis M. Tucker, Joseph Wells, Zachariah Wells, Josiah Wheat, SR., Josiah Wheat, JR., James W. Wheat, William Wheat, James Wilson, Westley Wilson, James S. Woods, John S. Woods Jackson Woods, Moses Woods, Isaac Woods, Miles Woods.

These men were all listed as Union Troops under General Lyons. They were organized to prevent the Rebels from organizing and to disarm those who were disloyal.

The Douglas County Home Guards furnished their own horses and arms. They disbanded on October 13, 1861 after their ammunition had been exhausted and they joined forces with Colonel Phelps Missouri Volunteers at Rolla.

I Eli Fleming a justice of the peace in and for the County of
Parke do here by certify that James Coons and Elizabeth Noble
of the County of Parke and State of Indiana are legally joined in marriage by me on the 29th day of April, 1838. Given under my home land seal this 7th day of May 1838. Eli Fleming J.P. Recorded May 7, 1838. John G. Davis, Clerk.

The name Coonts was not spelled right on the record. It was spelled Coons.

When James L. Coonts died Elizabeth spelled her name
Coones. She did not cross the T in Coonts.


i. AUSTIN2 COONTS, b. 1839, Parke, Indiana.

2. ii. CLARK COONTS, b. 1842, Parke, Indiana; d.
June 26, 1869, Missouri.

3. iii. DANIEL F. COONTS, b. 1844, Indiana.

iv. HANNAH COONTS, b. October 1845, MO.; m. REDMOON.

v. MARTHA COONTS, b. 1848, Missouri.

4. vi. HARRIET COONTS, b. March 1850, Missouri.

vii. JANE COONTS, b. 1852, Missouri.

viii. CARLINE COONTS, b. 1854, Missouri.

5. ix. JOHN COONTS, b. January 1856, Missouri; d. 1922, New Hope Cem. Douglas Co. Mo..

6. x. JAMES B. COONTS, b. February 1865, MO..

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