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Welcome to my photo gallery. This is basically a document of my journey in South Afrika. I spent a year going to school at the University of Fort Hare and traveling around the country. Here I have included photos taken along the way and segments from my journal to form a context for the whole journey. I have set them up in a roughly chronological order, so if you begin below at the first link, you will be able to browse your way through. I have tried to limit each page to about three images to avoid long download times. I am in the midst of combining this with my pages of poetry, so it all flows as one. I hope you can feel me in this journey and can open up yourself for your own journey. Ukuhamba kukubona. Hamba khahle. Selah.


Upon Arrival
In the Beginning
Revolutionary Echoes 1 2 3 4
My Hilltop Sanctuary 1 2 3
Folks at Fort Hare 1 2
Rondeval Amadoda
The Town of Alice
East London Style
Cintsa 1 2
Countryside Sojourn 1 2 3
Knysna Rastafari 1 2 3

Capetown Irie
Afrikan Culture
Township Living
Zone 17 Mdantsane 1 2
My breddrin Bhenjahman 1 2
My breddrin Selwyn
Roots Session at Fort Hare
Ras Eric and Company 1 2
House of Tandoor
Hip Hop in South Afrika
Final Libation
Forward in Soweto 1 2 3

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