Family Reunion Part 1

Bryan and Chris Barnes (C+ and Alien),

The camera opens on Alien standing about forty feet off from a country road. There is a lush, green lawn all about him that has been very well tended. There is professional landscaping running along the driveway where his red Dodge Viper is parked. Alien wears jnco shorts, a TiC t-shirt, his Alien mask, and the GCW US Title around his waist. The camera swings around him, closing in on his crystal blue eyes. He blinks. The camera pulls back sharply. Alien steps forward looking upwards. The camera swings back around, bringing a large three story ranch style house with wood outside and black trim. The heavy alluminum green double doors stand at the top of a seven step concrete porch. Alien steps forward, reaching the bottom of the steps. He looks up to the door, then shakes his head.

Alien: I don't know if I can do this.

Alien sits down on the bottom step. He pulls out an envelope from his rear pocket. He opens it and looks at the Hardcore Hell tickets. Two, ringside, cameraside. A hundred forty bucks a pop. He shakes his head, setting them down on the cold, concrete steps next to him. Alien leans back, looking up at the night stars.

Alien: This is probably going to destroy their lives. It's been too long. I shouldn't have waited. They never did anything to deserve this. Except him. They coddled him. After what he did, they didn't even send out a search party. I had to grow up on the streets... alone. Until Big Bear found me. Then he raised me on wrestling. That's been my life for the past eleven years. All I do is wrestle. That's all I know anymore. I guess I got wrapped up in just trying to survive. But I'm doing well now. I've made a living for myself. I'm someone they can be proud of. I'm not a disappointment. I've given them something they can look at and say "that's our son, Chris. And we love him." They don't even know I'm still alive. But winning the Cruiserweight Title got their attention for Bryan. This is all I need. I need to win this. I'm better than him. I've beaten him twice. On Sunday I beat him for a third time. But he humiliated Juvi time and time again. He was an undefeated Cruiserweight Champion. And if Bryan can do it, then I can do it. I'm twice the Champion he is. I'm the US Champion. He may think he is, but in three days, that all changes. I'm the US Champion he never beat. If I'd been in the Royal Rumble, I would have personally punked his ass, chucked him over the top, and walked away the US Champion. And unlike Bryan, I'd have beaten everyone face to face, instead of cheapshotting them from behind. I'm the better Champion. And winning Bryan's precious Cruiserweight Title is going to prove it. Hah. I'm the better Cruiserweight too. That's why he never gave me a shot. He just kept fighting Juvi. Juventud "I'm a four time champion but I can't even beat Bryan" Guerrera. But Bryan wasn't able to dodge me forever. And now when I beat him, I become the US Champion instead of the Cruiserweight Champion, then I get to turn around and win the Cruiserweight Title too. Just to dangle them both in front of his face. Juventud and PlaYa are all that stands in my way.

Alien takes a deep breath, snatches the envelope from beside him, and sprints up the steps. He pauses in front of the door, breathing heavily. Dispite the mask shielding his face, he looks obviously nervous. He takes a few deep breaths and turns around, leaning against the door to face the camera.

Alien: Juventud, you've lost that Cruiserweight Title four times. You've let it slip through your grasp countless other times. You're not a true Cruiserweight Champion. You can't get the job done under pressure. You talk about beating JayPac that one time. That's the only accomplishment you've ever done that you can be proud of. Look at me. I'm the last ever GCW World Champion. I'm the last ever GCW US Champion. I'm the real OWF US Champion. And I'm the next OWF Cruiserweight Champion. You have no idea what you're up against. All your fans aren't going to be in the ring to help you. And all that "Never Surrender" stuff is just going to get you in trouble. I'd surrender if I were you, because you're getting in the ring with a vicious monster. I break necks. And I'm going to add your name to the list of people I've crippled. You said that if I hurt you, you'll come back for revenge. Then I'll guess we'll be having one hell of a Wheelchair Match, because you'll never walk again when I'm done with you. I'm going to UFO Drop your ass through a table facefirst into the concrete. Then your neck folds like a chair. You crumple up in a heap, screaming out in pain. Then I grab you by the back of your "Da Juice" tights, and role you into the center of the ring. And you scream again, because that's when you realize that you can't move your legs. I grab one of your limp legs and roll you up for the pin. Then you try to push me off, but you can't move your arms. So you scream again. And the ref drops down and makes the three count, and you scream again. This time, you realize that you lost out in the semi-finals of the tournament, and you'll never be the five time Cruiserweight Champion. And as I walk away, and you lay helpless in the center of the ring, that's when the horror strikes you again. The masses stop cheer for the whole f'n show, me. Everything gets quiet. And you're still laying there in the center of the ring. You haven't moved, not even a twitch. And you scream one last time, as the realization finally sinks in that not only will you never be the Cruiserweight Champion, you'll never wrestle again. You can't move. They take you out on a gurney, and you lay helpless, all the way to the hospital. Are you a religious man, Juvi? You'd better start praying now, because it's going to take a direct act of God for you to stand after Nitro tonight. You think you can beat me? You want to die trying?

Alien turns and knocks on the door. A woman opens it. She is in her mid-forties, with jet-black hair peppered with grey. She looks at Alien with a confused, and somewhat scared, look.

woman: Who.. what do you want? Who are you?

Alien reaches behind his head, pulling the laces out from his mask one by one. The woman steps back scared. As he pulls out the final one, he leans forward, his face down. He pulls his mask off forward, raises his head up to face the woman. His blonde hair hangs down in front of his eyes. The scar runs from his eye to the tip of his chin. The woman gasps and collapses backwards, fainting. A man in a pair of boxers and a white undershirt comes running down the stair to the landing, and holds his wife. He looks up at Alien.

man: No... it can't be... you're dead...

Alien: Sit down, dad. You've got a long night ahead of you.

fade to black


Family Reunion Part 2

Bryan and Chris Barnes(AAM & Alien),

The camera opens on Above Average Man standing in a broad green lawn. A red Dodge Viper sits, parked in the driveway. Parked next to it is a rusty white Chevy Celebrity fourdoor with a vinal top. Above Average Man looks up at the house, with a thin layer of perspiration gathering on his brow. He wears a gray pair of cargo pants, a N4H t-shirt, and the OWF US Title around his waist. He steps forward towards the large, concrete porch. Above Average Man drops to his knees and sets his gym bag on the first step. He opens it and takes out a bottle of gin. He takes a swig, then lays down on the sidewalk, looking up at the stars.

Above Average Man: There's no going home... so why do I feel drawn back here one last time. I guess I finally have to face up to what I did to Chris. I've got to tell my folks the truth. It's time for me to be a man. I can't go into this match against Chris on Sunday without an absolutely clear conscience, so I guess... here goes everything. I mean, how do you tell your parents that you almost killed their son. How do you tell the parents that never actually loved you, that you almost cost them the one thing that meant the most to them. It's not fair. It's not right. This is something I should have done a long time ago. I guess it's time I finally was a man.

Above Average Man takes another drink of his gin. A shooting star passes by overhead. He murmers "i wish they would understand me". He unfastens the US Title belt, holding it up above his face. The leather straps dangle down, one to the right of his head, and the other on his chest. He drops his arms limp, carrying the US Title roughly to the concrete next to him. He lays there, sprawled out, looking up at the stars.

Above Average Man: The only thing harder than this, would be facing Chris man to man. I don't think I could apologize enough for what I did. But this is a start. Before I beat Alien, and make history by pulling the greatest upset of all time, beating the entire Kliq all by my lonesome, I need to face my parents. Sunday will be the first time they ever see me in the ring. I'll be damned if I don't win for them. I'll give them something to be proud of. I'll show them that Chris isn't the only one who can amount to something. I'm about to change the course of my life. I haven't heard from the Giant or Azreal in over a week. Something's not right. Family isn't supposed to turn their back on each other. But I've done it... so why shouldn't they. I'll find out what's up with them. I can figure this thing out. But in the mean time, I think there's something that's even more important than those Stables Titles. I've got some differant family buisness. So here goes everything.

Above Average Man stands up, takes another swig of gin, and tosses the bottle into the bushes that adorn this finely decorated home. He walks up the steps one by one, hanging his head like a man on death row, until he reaches the landing. He drops his gym bag beside him and raises the knocker. He pauses.

Above Average Man: There's only one man in the world right now that I'd rather not be. And that's Juvi. Tonight, Juvi gets his ass kicked by none other than the only man I've never beat, my brother, Alien. Juvi, I promised a lot of people that you wouldn't be the Cruiserweight Champion for the fifth time. I'm not afraid to let down the fans. I did all I could... or did I? I beat you three times. I proved that you were not worthy to wear that Cruiserweight Title. There are only three men that are worthy of that gold. The first is Kozmo, the man who got distracted by the World Title and never should have lost his focus and lost it in the first place. The second is myself, who didn't lose it. Regardless of who wins it, it's still my belt. A lot like the Giant's World Title. It's the belt I never lost. I didn't forfeit it. DK stripped it off me when he saw that I'd never lose it and I was the US Champ to boot. Other people in the past have held two singles titles, but not Above Average Man. That wouldn't be allowed. Because I'm the only man good enough to be the whole damn Kliq single handedly, so the hell if some punk like you would ever take it away from me. The third is my brother, Alien, because he's the only one who could ever beat me. If anyone was going to take that belt away from me, it was going to be him. Not you. Him. You were DK's trump card. His own personal kissass that got everything he wanted. DK put all his faith in you, thinking that Alien would kill me, then you'd get an easy win. But it didn't happen. I walked away with the Cruiserweight Title, which was supposed to be yours. Then you got another shot, which you asked for, but you had to leave town and couldn't train enough. For that, I'm sorry. I didn't know. Otherwise, I would have gone easy on you. But you bombed out, and I guess that wasn't your fault. What I don't understand is, if you weren't going to be around, why were you the one who asked me to "be a man and make it for the title". That match was set to be for Rumble placement only, but you were the one who asked for the title shot. And I gave it to you, because I'm that kind of a caring, giving, generous guy. You want a US Title shot too? Just say the word and I'll put you at the end of the very long line that is forming. But then you got a third chance at The Extreme, and you got beat there fair and square. No lack of preparation. No advantages on my part. One on one, and I was the better man. You can say what you will about our first meeting. And you can make all the claims about our second. But in round three you came on at full strength and I knocked your ass out. Juvi, you aren't fit to hold my belt, and I won't let you. Juvi, in my opinion, I should have been able to deal with my title. I would have had a simple one on one Scaffold Match between Alien and Kozmo, but since all the pomp and circumstance, I guess I'll just have to watch my brother do this the hard way. But rest assured, Juvi Juice, he'll beat you. If he doesn't, I'll be damned ashamed I ever lost to him. If he can cripple me... he'll kill you.

Above Average Man slaps down the knocker and the door opens. It's his dad. He gets a look of rage and punches Above Average Man sending him stumbling down the concrete steps. The man runs down the steps, grabbing Above Average Man by the shirt.

man: How could you? After all we did for you, and this is how you repay us. I should kill you, Mr BigshotUSChamp.

Above Average Man: What are you talking about?

man: Come inside, Bryan. We need to have a talk with you. And it's going to be a long night.

They enter the house.

fade to black



Family Reunion Part 3

Bryan and Chris Barnes(AAM & Alien),

The camera opens on the door outside the Barnes' residence in upstate New York. There is an eery silence in the air. The door swings open and the parent's owning the house escort their children out onto the landing. Alien and Above Average Man both have blank looks on their faces. Step by step they walk down to their cars, never turning back to the house and never turning to face each other. Alien reaches his red Dodge Viper while Above Average Man circles around it to his '83 Chevy Celebrity. Alien looks up from his car, where he has his keys out and sitting in the door lock. Above Average Man tosses his gym bag in through the open rear window. Alien shakes his head.

Alien: Why? Why come back here to tell them the truth? I just don't get it. I've never done anything for you. We've hated each other our entire lives. And now... after eleven years... you finally have a pang of conscience. I just don't get it. Why?

Above Average Man: I don't know. I just couldn't bare the idea of mom and dad watching us fight... watching us trying to kill each other. And them not understanding why. They raised me for seventeen years. They raised you for ten. Neither was exactly the norm, but we owe them something. I don't know... I guess when everything had gone so public, I couldn't face the idea of hiding my lie of a life. I still don't know if this was the right move, but it's something I just had to do.

Alien: I don't buy it. You're trying to trick me. You've never gave a damn about me. Why all the concern now?

Above Average Man: Why did you come back? Why, after almost twelve years away, did you suddenly think it was nessasary to show mom and dad you're still alive? Why do you want them ringside at Hardcore Hell, when one of their sons walks away the US Champion?

Alien: I guess... I don't know. Maybe it's because... I really can't tell you. It's weird. It's just something I felt I had to do.

Above Average Man: Kinda like me, right?

Alien: I guess...

Above Average Man: So what happens now?

Alien: I beat Juvi. That punk wants to play hardball; I'll break his damn neck.

Above Average Man winces when Alien mentions breaking necks. Alien notices this and drops the smile from his face.

Alien: I'm going to be the Cruiserweight Champ.

Above Average Man: Good. You're the only one left who'll do the belt the same justice I did. Maybe some day we'll get to find out who is the better Cruiserweight Champion, me or you, but for now, you just beat Juvi a good one for me. Do your thing. Good luck.

Above Average Man starts to climb into his car. Alien holds out a hand, reaches over the roof of his Viper futilely.

Alien: Wait! So... what happens on Sunday?

Above Average Man: If you still want it... we spend an hour in hell.

Alien: Oh. Cuz, you know, you said all that stuff about Horsemen being family. And Horsemen don't fight Horsemen. So I was just wondering if family fights family.

Above Average Man: We haven't really spoken in almost twelve years. I know that the US Title is more important to me than keeping you happy. And you'll take this gold belt above me anyday.

Alien: So we fight?

Above Average Man nods.

Alien: Okay. Just checking. Nothing personal?

Above Average Man: No, this is strictly gold. We're brothers, man.

Alien: Okay... I guess gold is gold.

Above Average Man: Yeah... you're going to make one hell of a Cruiserweight Champion.

Alien: I'm going to make one hell of a US Champion.

Above Average Man: You already did. But it's my turn now. I'm not losing this belt. Not to you. Not to PlaYa. Not to anyone.. until DK strips my ass again.

Alien: Funny, eh? You had to beat Juvi to be Cruiser Champ, and so do I. Then you've got PlaYa trying to get in your way of the US Title, and he's standing in my way for the Cruiser. I guess we're more alike than we thought.

Alien starts to get into his car. Above Average Man reaches out, calling him back.

Above Average Man: Wait! You know, there's still a fourth spot in the Horsemen. Why don't you side with us? I'd have to get it okayed with the guys first, but I bet I can swing it.

Alien: I've got too much bad blood with the Giant and Azreal...

Above Average Man: ... and me?

Alien takes a deep breath, then nods solemly.

Alien: Besides... Horsemen don't fight Horsemen, remember?

Above Average Man: Right. Horsemen don't fight Horsemen. We're a family. Families stick togeth...

Above Average Man trails off deep in thought. There is an awkward silence as both of them look down to the ground, not wanting to make eye contact. Alien finally looks up.

Alien: So... after we leave here...

Above Average Man: Enemies?

Alien: Enemies.

Above Average Man: All I can say is beat Juvi. That punk is not holding my belt.

Alien: My belt...

The two look each other over for a moment. Both sigh and climb into their cars.

Alien: Hey Juvi, think you can beat me? Want to die trying?

Above Average Man: Alien's going to win...

The sod has spoken

Alien and Above Average Man both pull out of the driveway, Alien first, then Above Average Man. They drive off in two separate directions.

fade to black