The camera opens in a room somewhere in the Himilayans. How do we know it's in the Himilayans? We don't. I just thought I'd include that for trivia purposes. There may be a quiz later. The room is a psuedo ski lodge, with fake wood paneling and all wood furniture. Tree trunks make up the bed frame, while the coffee table is a large wagon wheel. A bearskin rug sprawls across the floor. The bears mouth is open, as if snarling at the large moose's head mounted above the fireplace. This was obviously some rich man's retreat at some time. A few newer features distract from the ring's original focus. A phony brass pedestal rests in the center of the room, standing out like a sore thumb. On it rests the OWF US Title with a sign that reads "My Greatest Accomplishment". On the wall across the room, a peice of construction paper is framed and tacked up. It reads "Hall of Fame: Kevin Nash". The US Title has been used as the centerpeice of the room, but on the mantle of the fireplace sits the OWF Women's Title (the one Emma ran away with in her retirement speech). Candles and incense burn around it in some form of alter. The mantle shows huge eighteen by twenty-five inch pictures of Rachael. First her with the Women's Title after her win over Hippie Chick. Then Her with the Women's Title after her win over Alliyah. Then her laying on the mat, out cold, as Emma pins her. Then her sitting outside the ring crying while Emma holds up the Women's Title. Finally, Rachael raising her hand after her only win over Emma, while Kevin Nash makes the pin after a cheapshot powerbomb. Rachael seems to be the focus of the room, while Nash's accomplishments are covered with dust and cobwebs. The camera pulls a slow pan around the room to the bathroom door. Lights shine under the crack below the door and a warm mist rises up into the room. The sounds of a rushing shower can be heard. A crumpled pant/suit lays outside the door. The brass door handle begins to twist slowly. It opens, inch by inch. Jvui steps out, his hair wrapped up on top of his head in a towell. He wears make-up in a similar way to Rachael and has the towell labeled "his" wrapped around him just above the bustline. He motions for the camera to follow, turning his back and changing into another pant/suit before it to give a semi-revealing show to anyone who would actually care. Juvi turns around in the baby blue pant/suit and nods to the camera, trying to act seductive. A laugh track plays in the background. A loud knock reverberates through the room. Rachael/Juvi crosses over the room in a very masculaine manner. He opens the door. Above Average Man stands their, atop a soap box which makes him just over seven foot tall. He steps down, slides the box into the room with his foot, and steps back onto it to look tall again. Above Average Man wears red spandex pants with fringe running up the sides and "Nash" written across the waist. He wears a baseball cap with a "Duuuh Kliq" logo. His tee-shirt is pink and read "Rachael's Bitch" across the chest in balloon style letters. Rachael/Juvi steps forward, setting a desk lamp on the floor. He turns it on and points it upwards, then stands over it, casting his shadow completely over Nash/Above Average Man. Above Average Man/Nash sighs in relief as Rachael/Juvi takes all the attention away from him. He takes this opportunity to step down from his soapbox and take it off to a corner where he can sit unnoticed. Rachael/Juvi steps to the opposite corner and the camera follows him. He reaches an antique looking baby crib, which also looks out of place, and bends over it. He picks up a My Buddy doll and cradles it for a moment. Then he tosses it back to the corner, not caring what happens to it. With the mild gasp of the cameraman clueing him in to the fact that he has been a callous, uncaring bastard, he leans back over the crib and cranks the key on the back of a teddy bear mounted on the side of the Krib. It starts to play Spice Girl's Wannabe in gentle plinking piano notes. Rachael/Juvi turns away from the crib again, walking over to the nightstand beside the log bunkbeds. Rummaging through the ash tray, he comes out with the same sucker she gave to the fan, then took back to lick again. It is now nearly two months old. He holds it up, grimaces for a moment, then licks the fuzzy mold cover off of it. The sound track plays hoots and hollers as if someone was aroused by such a gross display. Rachael/Juvi giggles. A cough is heard and the cameraman notices that Nash/Above Average Man is successfully hiding in a corner somewhere. As the cameraman approaches him, a heavy sweat breaks out over his brow. He shrinks back into the chair, trying his best to hide. The camera reaches him, but at that moment, Rachael/Nash clears her throat, getting the camera's attention again. The camera does a quick pan over the ceiling, passing the totally out of place chandeliar, and comes upon Juvi/Rachael tapping his foot. He looks obviously upset that the camera took any time away from him to look at Above Average Man/Nash. He shakes his head, making the tsk tsk tsk noise with his toungue. Rachael/Juvi takes a dramatic spin, showing off his body and drawing attention to the lower half of the pant/suit, proving once and for all that he wears the pants in the family. The My Buddy doll starts to cry, but Juvi/Rachael completely ignores it, more absolved in his own looks than the people around him. The My Buddy doll continues to cry, finally getting his attention. He crosses back over and tosses a heavy wool blanket over the doll, muffling it's cries and turning all attention away from the child and back to Rachael/Juvi where he wants it. Rachael/Juvi crosses over to a fancy looking desk, and sits down in the office style chair in front of it. Crossing his legs in an attempt to be femanine, Juvi/Rachael licks his lips. He turns and shuffles through various papers on top of the desk. She looks a little excited as she finds what she was looking for.

Rachael/Juvi: It seems that Big Sexy here has been US Champ three times. He isn't now, by any means. That belongs to a much more worthy man, Above Average Man. But still, I demand you give him a World Title shot DK, or else I'll tell mom on you.

The camera crosses back to where Above Average Man/Nash sits. He seems shocked.

Above Average Man/Nash: Is it really okay if I speak for myself, hon? Well, um, I never really have much to say anyways. But once again, I'm sitting in one damn cool room.

The camera pulls back as Rachael/Juvi walks over to Above Average Man/Nash. Rachael/Juvi lays down at Above Average Man/Nash's feet and he subserviantly kneels to her to paint her toenails. As his blantant display of Whipped-ness is made obvious to everyone, the camera closes out.

fade to black