Snoozing Beauty
by: Madeline P.

Once upon a time, a girl named Amanda was born. On her first birthday, her evil Aunt Thelma said, " Why haven't I been invited to the party? Do you not like me? Well I will show you how much I hate you! As soon as the girl turns sixteen I will poison the phone so she will sleep until her one true love can wake her up. That will never happen because... well, just look at her."


Amanda's parents owned a hotel, so they gave her to the maids to take care of her until she was sixteen. One day while picking up the towels at the pool, she met John. It was love at first sight. "Hi. I'm Amanda," she said.


"I'm John," he said. They talked for hours. They became so close that they had to go out.


"It has to be a secret. But as soon as I turn sixteen, it will be official," said Amanda.


The day before her birthday, the maids took her to a mattress store to find out which one she liked the most. That was going to be their present for her. "I like the Tempur-Pedic mattress," Amanda said. So the maids sent it to her suite in the hotel. Meanwhile, her parents were at the Apple Store buying her an Iphone . They had no idea that Aunt Thelma was putting poison in the phone to make her sleep.


At Amanda's sweet sixteen, her parent gladly welcomed her home and gave her the Iphone. She was calling her friend to ask her where she was, but as soon as she pressed call, she fell asleep.


Her parents sadly took her to her room and gently laid her on her new mattress. "I can't believe it happened!" said her father.


"We are so sorry, Sir. We never thought it would really happen," said all the maids sadly.


"It's okay. You did your duty," said her mom. And they sadly walked away.


Aunt Thelma put wrestlers in front of the doors. "If anyone gets through these doors, you'll never be seen again!" said Aunt Thelma.


It wasn't long before John was coming to the rescue. He bravely fought the wrestlers and got to Amanda. He kissed her gently, and she awoke. "What happened? What did I miss? John, get out of here before my parents see you!" Her parents rushed to her room and were overjoyed to see her awake and happy. "Mom, um this is John," said Amanda.


"Oh, I know he saved you! He is welcome anytime!" yelled her mom happily.


"Amanda, you're alive!" said the maids.


"Well if you'll excuse me, I've got a party to get to!" said Amanda. She and John walked out of the room together.


"How could you disobey me?" screamed Aunt Thelma to the wrestlers."I asked you to do one simple thing, and you couldn't do it!" she yelled more.


"We tried to, but Bob got hungry, so he went to get some burritos. I couldn't take him 'cause I was SO hungry," said Joe, the other wrestler.


"Well get out of my sight before I decide to...."


"You don't have a dragon," grunted Bob.


"GO!!" yelled Aunt Thelma. And that was the last thing they ever saw - or in this case heard - of Aunt Thelma.


"Well, I'm glad that's over," said Amanda. "Hey Mom, tell me again how this happened."


Her mom and dad sat down and said, "It all started on your first birthday."


In the end, everyone was happy, and John and Amanda live happily ever after.