Jaesopís Fables
by: Jamie T.

It happened one day that a hawk named Otto was soaring over the forest when he saw a mighty grizzly bear with the largest trout Otto had ever seen. Otto thought, "He doesn't need all that trout. I know. I'll just steal that trout, eat what I want, then give him back what's left." Otto smiled smugly, circled around one more time, then dived down at the grizzly. His plan was to swoop in, grab the trout, and fly away to eat some fish. But what happened was Otto slammed into the bear at high speed making the trout go flying over the waterfall into the white water below, never to be seen again.
The bear turned to Otto and said, "Why you little vulture. I spent all day getting that fish, and you had to come and knock it back in the river." He took a moment to simmer a little more then added, "If you don't get me a trout THAT size, I'll have you for dinner. Bring it to me at my cave or you are dinner."
As Otto hunted for a trout, he accidently flew in an old beaver trap and was killed, but no one ever knew.
You shall not steal (Exodus 20:15)


It happened that a monkey named Bongo loved bananas like all the monkeys, but Bongo wanted more bananas than anyone else. He went to the Crocodile River where all the best bananas grew. No monkey went to the river because there were lots of crocodiles there that liked to eat monkeys. He found a tree that had one big bunch of bananas growing on it. It was near the end of the branch and would be hard to get to. When he reached the branch that had the bananas on it he stopped. He thought to himself with pride, "I am the only monkey in this jungle smart enough to get those bananas." He stepped out onto the branch that held the bananas. He looked down and saw 5 large crocodiles smiling smugly up at him. He yelled down at them, "You can't get me you stupid, oversized lizards!" But, just as he finished yelling at the crocodiles, the branch shook and the bananas fell into the river. He immediately jumped after the bananas, fell into the river and was never seen again.
Pride goes before the fall.