Big Fat Lies
by: Madeline P.

One morning, Dietrich awoke to his grumbling stomach. "Oh! I'm so hungry!" he moaned as he slowly got out of Grace's bed. He scratched at the door, until Grace finally got up and fed him. It was a while until Tumnus and Madeline got up. "Hey Dee," said Tumnus happily. "What's up?"


"Oh, nothing. I'm just so hungry!" said Dee.


"Well, have you eaten?" asked Tumnus, still happy.


"Well, maybe , but I'm SO hungry!" whined Dee.


Tumnus replied cautiously, "What ever you do, don't eat too much, or you will get really fat."


"We have diet food," said Dee.


"I don't care. I don't want you to get fat. You will be very uncomfortable. Plus the consequences will be harsh," said Tumnus. His voice sounded very concerned. So Dee decided too wait until Mommy got up to move his bowl around with his paws. When Mommy finally got up is when everything started to happen. "Have you fed the dogs, Madeline?" asked Mommy.


"No ma'am, but I think Daddy fed Dee," said Madeline.


"I don't think he did. He told me that he didn't," said Mommy.


"Okay. I haven't fed Tumnus, so I will feed them," said Madeline. Tumnus barked as loudly as he could, trying to tell Madeline that Dee had eaten. But humans don't speak dog, so it was no use.


Yes! She is going to give me more food! HaHaHa! Dee thought.


After they finished eating, Tumnus walked up to Dee and said, "Why didn't you tell them that you ate?"


"Um... well... it just looked so good, and I was going to, but... I was so hungry," said Dee.


"Humph. Well you better not eat like that tomorrow. Remember what I said: 'You will get very fat, and the consequences will be harsh'," replied Tumnus. This routine went on for weeks until one day Madeline said, "Mommy, does Dee look fatter to you?" It was true Dee was getting huge. That night, when they were eating dinner, Madeline asked everyone, "Who has been feeding Dee in the morning?"


"I haven't," said Daddy.


"I have been up with you every morning," said Mommy. At that moment, everyone's head turned to Grace.


"What? I might have fed him every morning for a while," said Grace not caringly.


"What? For how long? Why didn't you tell me?" screamed Madeline.


"You never asked," said Grace. She sounded very bored.


"Yes. I did for several nights now!" screamed Madeline, still very angry.


"Well, excuse me," retorted Grace, still not that interested.


"It's okay, Madeline, we will fix this," said Mommy. Meanwhile, Dee was sprawled out on the floor like a door mat. "Dee, they have figured out that you have been lying. I told you," said Tumnus trying not to laugh.


"Ugh, I feel so sick now I don't care what they do to me," grumbled Dee.


The next morning at five, Mommy woke up Dee. Barely that is. "No! I don't want to get out of bed," grumbled Dee.


"There. You will feel a lot better after this two mile walk," said Mommy as happily as she could.


Two miles!!! thought Dee. Is she trying to kill me?!?!


As soon as they got back to the house, Dee plopped on the floor and Tumnus galloped to him.


"So how are those consequences?" Tumnus snickered.


"I never want to eat again!" said Dee tiredly.


"It's okay, only two more weeks!" said Tumnus.


"You were right! I'm always going to tell the truth," said Dee still tired.


Sometimes a lie looks yummy, but it won't be good when you get fat.