by: Madeline P.

"Do I have to go to school, Mommy?" asked Anna.


"Of course you do. I know it is a new school, but you can make a lot of new friends," said Anna's mother, Beth.


"I never make friends," grunted Anna quietly. "I am going to take Lucy with me," said Anna.


"Don't you think you are getting a little old for baby dolls?" asked Beth.


"Of course not!" screamed Anna. "I am taking her with me no matter what!"


When Anna got to school, she sat down with two other little girls.


"Hi, my name is Katie. Are you new here?" said one little girl.


"Oh... um... my name is um... Anna," said Anna shyly.


"Oh great, another new girl. Well, my name is Jane Sophia Johnson," said the little girl.


"Is that a baby doll?" snickered Jane.


"Well... um... yes," said Anna.


"I got rid of all my baby dolls years ago," said Jane.


"I think she is pretty," said Katie. "Anyway, when is your birthday?" asked Katie.


"January first. I will be turning seven. When is yours?" said Anna.


"Oh mine is January seventh. That is really close to yours!" said Katie happily. They talked like that until the teacher said, "Okay class, letís get started."


"Bye, Katie. Bye, Jane. See you tomorrow," said Anna after school.


"Oh, Anna, if you bring that doll tomorrow, you can't sit with us. I don't want to sit with a 'baby'," yelled Jane. Everyone in the school heard her say that. Anna ran straight to her mother's car, crying.


The next day Anna brought her doll, so she didn't sit with them that day. When it was recess, Anna ran up to Katie and gave her a big hug. "Why is Jane so mean?" asked Anna. At that time, they were in the tire tunnel.


"Well, her mom and dad are almost always gone, so she is stuck with a nanny all the time. All she wants is everyone to feel like she does. She wants everyone to be sad," said Katie.


"Oh wow. I guess I should be nice to her," said Anna.


"Katie, what are you doing with that 'baby'," asked Jane meanly.


"Okay class, letís get back to school," yelled Mrs. Leah, their teacher.


After Beth picked up Anna from school, they started to unpack some boxes. Anna picked on up that was labeled, "Mom's stuff." She opened it, and there was a leather Bible in it. She ran to her room, jumped on her bed, and started reading. She didn't know what most of it meant, but she did read that you aren't supposed to be afraid of people. She also read that you should love you enemies. She decided to pray for Jane. "Dear God, please help Jane's parents spend more time with her," said Anna.


The next day, after she had looked at most of the Bible, she left Lucy at home. "Hi, Katie. Hi, Jane. I'm going to sit here today," said Anna confidently. "Oh, Jane, I prayed for you last night. I hope you can see your parents soon," said Anna.


"Oh, thank you! I am really sorry about the whole 'baby' thing. I really didn't mean it. I always liked you. Even if I didn't show it," said Jane.


"Wow, that was fast," said Anna.


Anna conquered her fears of leaving her doll, and of Jane herself. Jane's parents came home and took Jane to New York. And Katie, Anna, and Jane were all friends from that day on.