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Julian's Hemi

2005 DR Hemi



Meet Owners and Chat and learn about the best truck in town

Dodge Talk Forum for Gear Heads



Hot Rodders Forum on How To Do It

for the D.I.Y. Guy







The best forum for info on how to care for your rides finish


Pix of My Ride

SuperChips S how at Sanford Fl. 2006

More Recent Mods including the First 6 Pack Hood I made in May of 2007

Under the Hood Photos


Original replica of the Dodge 440 6 Pack Hood

and it has a functional scoop

This one is for sale and I will make others at requests

This has at least 2 coats of SPI Epoxy Primer on both sides of the hood

This is the perfect beginning to a perfect custom paint scheme

Contact me at for more info

Click here to get to the "SCOOP" Page for more details and pics







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