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The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

2001 Board Members

Lindsay Logsdon

Kaytie D'Asti

Director of Animal Rights
Amy-Lynn Primeau

Director of Environmental Issues
Nathan Alexander

Director of Fundraising
Melanie Harrison

Director of Communications
Amanda Grant

Director of Human Affairs
To Be Announced

More Board Members to be announced as they are appointed! Check back regularly!

About Youth For A Better World

Youth For A Better World actually began under a different name. Our founder, Lindsay Logsdon, started a group called Teens Against Domestic Violence in September of the year 2000. After putting into motion several fundraisers and making a sizeable donation to our local shelter for battered women and children, Lindsay and the members of Teens Against Domestic Violence realized that there were many more issues needing attention all around the world. It was decided that the organization be re-named. And so we became Youth For A Better World.

We operate from the town of Amherstburg, Ontario and surrounding area. We are hard working, dedicated youth who care about the future of our planet and the people, environment, and animals on it. We believe that there is hope for a brighter tomorrow and that we, as young people full of ambition, are the answer. There are no mountains too high to climb. If we don't do something, who will? And what will become of our future? What will life be like twenty years from now if we all continue on our current path?

As human beings, we cannot to afford to let the quality of life for all people slip through our fingers. We need to make a difference, for everyone.

Dreams come from the heart. Our dream is simple but challenging. A better planet. A safer world. Less pain and suffering. We are putting our hearts into our mission. We are on a venture to heal the world. And hopefully we are not alone.

We are constantly becoming involved in new and challenging projects. A detailed list of our current projects can be found here. Please check back regularly to find out what's been going on!

Thank you for your interest in us and for visiting our site. Everyone can make a difference.

A special thank you to our Board of Directorsas well as all of our members. We also extend a huge thank you to the Windsor/Essex County community.