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George W. Bush in Bratislava
24th February 2005

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Bratislava welcomes leaders of the USA
and the Russian Federation

Boeing 747-200B (Air Force One)
at the M.R. Stefanik Airport in Bratislava

Morning traffic situation in the center was quite strenuous

Meeting of G.W. Bush with Slovak president Ivan Gasparovic in President's Palace

Downtown was full of security precautions and nasty chill

Before G.W.Bush's speech at Hviezdoslavovo Sq.

Media prepared

Members of the Slovak government

Condoleezza Rice - U.S. Secretary of State

Still very popular among youth - Peter Stastny

Lonesome poster of Anti-Bush-Anti-Putin activists

And one another...

U.S. President G.W. Bush speaks at Hviezdoslavovo Square in Bratislava

Introducing by Mikulas Dzurinda
- Slovak Prime Minister

By Bush's right hand: Ivan Gasparovic
- Slovak President with wife,
by his left: Mikulas Dzurinda with wife

Young activist from France send his messages to Bush

By the end of Bush's speech

Mikulas Dzurinda provides tv interview

And a small group of anti-Bush activists...

...almost from Czech Republic, sending best regards to Bush

And two cheering Belorussian guys from a small group of Belorussians been hailing G.W. Bush on the square

Svaboodaaa!! (Liberty)

For more info about G.W. Bush speech and the summit, check: CNN, BBC, Reuters, News.Telegraph, TA3, SME or The Official Summit Page

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