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Band for hire for your event: rock'n roll, country, blues, soul, 50s, funk

Turn your event into a spectacular, high-energy party with Under Construction. We're here for the party!

(607) 592-1174

Under Construction Plays All Venues

Under Construction
Amazing Central NY Dance Band

Under Construction is a talented, multifaceted live band playing at various venues around the Central NY area, as well as being available for your special occasion.

Created by accomplished guitarist and vocalist, Steve Hubble, Jr., Under Construction features male and female vocals in a 5- or 2-piece band with a popular repertoire that covers an amazingly vast array of music genres.

Each band member brings many years of professional experience, talent and flair to this unique and fun group of musicians. Together with a vibrant image, a stunning lead vocalist and a tight professional sound, Under Construction captivates audiences in a variety of venues.

Whether your event is being held in a hotel, club, outdoors, private setting or corporate environment, Under Contstruction has the ability to alter their show and image to suit the occasion. Providing a choice of a 5- or 2-piece band enables them to cater to varying budgets as well.

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      Contact Steve Hubble at (607) 592-1174 to Schedule Your Event