The following story is my own work, but it is a sequel to the amazing story "Twice Called" by Buffychick, which can be found HERE.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything at all related to BtVS or AtS, and I will make no fiscal profit by displaying these works of fiction for my own amusement. I do not wish to make profit, nor do I expect any type of recognition or power. All original characters or situations are my own work, but all things BtVS or AtS belong to other people who actually do get to make a profit. Man, what I wouldn't give to be them...

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The Dream

Business Call

The Gang's All Here

Dream World

The Prophecy

The Warning

Setting the Task

Long Night

Dwelling of the Dark

Poisoned Prophecy

From the Dark

Fork in the Road

On Schedule

Lucky Number

Alone At Last

Waiting Game



Big Gun



The Vessel

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